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Introducing: Subscriptions

Here at Kair, we think clothing care is about so much more than the laundry products themselves. It’s about creating and nurturing a routine which brings balance and joy into your day-to-day life - about the ritual of laundry itself. That’s why we’re launching Kair subscriptions, so you can wear, Kair, repeat spin after spin time and time again. Not only will you never run out of your favourite Kair products ever again, but you’ll be able to make caring for your clothes an effortless, regular part of your home and self-care routine. 

Plus, you’ll be saving 10% on the retail price, so it’s a win-win all round. And though we’re confident that you’ll love having your Kair on repeat, you can cancel your subscription at any time, so it’s both a cost-effective and flexible option - not to mention stress-free.

We’ve taken a load off, and worked out exactly how often you’ll need a top-up of each product so that you don’t have to, depending on how much we expect you to use them. Simply select the items you’d like to receive on each product page, and we’ll send them out to you as scheduled. But if you want your Kair a little more often or a little less, or need to hit pause on your subscription at any time, simply drop our customer Kair team a line, via kairteam@kair.care, so we can adjust it to suit your specific requirements. 

So if you can’t get enough of the products that care for your favourite clothes as much as you do, now’s your chance. Together, we can change laundry rituals for the better.

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