White, burgundy and teal kair bottles with a pink flowers in each infront of a white wall
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More than a bottle

Take a peek inside most laundry room cupboards, and you’ll find a collection of bulky detergent bottles in garish neon colours and heavy-duty single-use plastic.  At Kair, we think it's time that changed.

When we designed our jewel-toned glass bottles, we thought about the bigger picture - responsibility first. We wanted to create something that could live on and on, and we wanted you to love them in your laundry room, and re-use them again and again. 

That’s why our packaging is much more than just a bottle. It’s responsibly sourced, refillable, recyclable and infinitely reusable. The glass we’ve created is durable, ready to be reused or even upcycled into a decorative piece that enhances your home for years to come. Here’s just a small selection of ideas for how you can repurpose your Kair bottle…

Kair bottles being reused, burgundy bottle being used a scant diffuser sittng on a wooden table in front of an orchid. Right hand image is off two Kair bottles being reused as flower cases, one with a purple flower and one with green leaves in.

Refill with Kair

Firstly, all of our Kair bottles are refillable. Our Refill pouches keep your reusable glass bottle full and plastic waste down, 76% down to be precise - so you can keep the Kair coming whilst doing your bit to help the planet.

Flower Vase

The Kair team’s favourite way to reuse their empty bottles is to create a pretty home for their weekly flowers - from fresh to dried or even long stems of fluffy pampas. Whichever your preference, your bottle can be transformed into a stunning flower vase that adds an extra wow factor to your bunches and sits neatly on every worktop.

Fragrance Diffuser

Fill your home with relaxing scents that you love by reusing your Kair bottle as a beautiful fragrance oil diffuser. The narrow opening at the top is perfectly sized to slow down evaporation and release just the right amount of aroma. Add ½ cup of unscented or lightly scented oil such as almond, mineral, safflower, or jojoba and mix in 25-30 drops of your favourite aromatherapy or essential oils to create your perfect blend. Place 4-6 reed diffuser sticks into the neck of the bottle, turning after one hour as the oils begins to infuse. Keep the scent going by turning the reed sticks once a week.

Left hand image of Two Kair bottles being reused as candle holders. Holding two white candles which are lit. Right hand image is of two Kair bottles being reused as a Soap and Hand wash pump by sink.

Candle holders

Our Kair bottles are perfectly sized to be upcycled into decorative candle holder. Create a striking centre piece at the dinner table or a unique addition to your coffee table. Our tip? Allow the wax to flow down the sides of the bottle to create a vintage look and feel. Remember not to use candles too tall or weighty so your bottle will stay standing. Once your candle has burnt down, it can easily be replaced - it’s the upcycle that keeps on giving.

Product dispenser

Our jewel-toned glass is too pretty to be kept in the laundry room. From the bathroom to the kitchen, add a pop of colour to rooms in your house by using your bottle as a decanter. The neck of the Kair bottle is the same size as most standard pump dispensers, so you can replace the lid and refill with your favourite products from hand wash to shampoo and washing up liquid too.

Always remember to thoroughly clean out your bottle before you re-use. We’d love to see how you repurpose your Kair: share your reused bottles with us @kair.care

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