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What to wear for your re-entry into society

After months of tracksuits and endless Zoom meetings the end is finally in sight. We’re swapping self-isolation for real-life interaction - hurrah! But, with that begs the question - what do you wear for your return to civilisation? Many of us haven’t  dressed up for anything in the past year so, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh as lockdown lifts.

Because it’s not just females who are looking for a little post-lockdown style advice, we’ve rounded up quick and easy style tips from the Kair team to help point the men in the right direction too…


Let’s be honest: your work from home office attire has probably consisted of smart from the waist up and loungewear for anything below laptop camera height. Luckily, style overall has become much more casual now and it’s going to continue. It’s likely that most offices will take a more relaxed approach to workwear post lockdown too – which is great news if you’re not ready to be suited and booted just yet. Invest in casual staples. Pair classic chinos with a crisp white t-shirt and a structured overshirt or a relaxed collared shirt with a lightweight knit jumper, so you look smart but still have that feeling of home comfort too.


Live sport has well and truly returned and thankfully so has indoor drinking. A day in the pub with your friends feels like old times. You don’t need to stray too far from your loved loungewear for a casual day out, you just need to make a bit more effort. Every man should invest in a pair of Bermuda shorts this summer. They’re comfy but the tailoring gives them a smarter feel than your activewear. Wear with a Breton-style top: nautical stripes are always on trend, and they suit everyone. And of course, always trainers. Just maybe spruce them up a little.


Whether you’re heading to a restaurant for dinner or a long lazy weekend brunch it’s time to up the style ante. This calls for denim. Stick to your go-to style and cut, and gravitate towards plain, dark colours. If your favourite pair are looking a bit faded and dishevelled, it’s time for a new pair. You can easily dress denim up. Wear it with a fitted or open collared shirt or throw on classic crew neck t-shirt with a bomber jacket – which are making a big comeback for 2021. Finish the look with a classic pair of loafers for an added nod to the smart side and you’re ready for anything. Your date will certainly appreciate the effort too.

Overall, remember to go easy on yourself. The style rules have changed in the last year so wear what makes you feel comfortable. Our final tip? Make sure you are properly caring for your clothes too. They’ll not only last longer but you’ll always smell good too. Visit our shop to discover all the Kair you need.


Cover Image by Robert Spangle

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