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5 new rituals to kickstart now

Every year as the end of December approaches we start to think about making new year’s resolutions but, what if we started them a little earlier so that by the time we ring in the new year they’re actually already an old habit.

Whilst January is more commonly considered the time to kickstart a new routine or ritual, we’ve been thinking and the month of September seems like as good a time as any to make that change you’ve been thinking of.

From back to school and wardrobe switches for the autumnal weather to a new season and new trends in fashion, there’s lots of change that September already brings with it. The days are still longer, the nights lighter and sometimes warmer too if we’re lucky, plus after a summer staycation or vacation, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. All of this can automatically make us feel more positive and in turn more proactive and ready to commit to starting a new ritual.

Welcome in the unofficial new year with our five new rituals to kickstart this September.

Re-wear your wardrobe

While it may be tempting to treat yourself to some new pieces for the new season why not start by shopping in your own wardrobe first. There’s likely many hidden gems or old favourites you’d long forgotten about which are safely stored away at the back of the wardrobe. This month try to re-wear at least three items you haven’t worn for a season or two. Give them a spruce up with some tender loving Kair and it’ll feel like brand new. You’ll fall back in love with pieces you’d previously adored and you (and your purse) will feel better for it too.

Try a new exercise or workout

We know HIIT classes and cross-fit are not for everyone but, trying out a new fitness ritual doesn’t have to mean slogging it out in the gym for hours a day. If you’re not enjoying the exercise, you won’t stick to it. Try committing to a 30-minute walk every other day listening to a podcast or some mindful meditation every morning to ease yourself into the day and set your intentions. These types of activities can be just as powerful for the body and the mind. Fitness is for everyone - it’s just about finding the way to be active that’s perfect for you.

Designate a de-clutter day

Let’s face it clutter creates chaos and while you may not see it every day, there’s often that one place in the home that you constantly think, ‘I must sort that’. That wardrobe that’s been overflowing for months, the utility room cupboard with endless open bottles or even the bookcase that’s harbouring forgotten magazine subscriptions. From the kitchen to the bedroom having a proper de-clutter of a room in your home can make you feel instantly tidier in mindset too.

Introduce a healthy lifestyle change

Being healthy is difficult. With working, cleaning, cooking, socialising – it feels like there’s never any time to start a new ritual here. But, how about if you broke it down. Rather than trying every day to eat fresh food, up your intake of fruit and veg, take vitamins, cut out sugar and limit alcohol consumption, just start with one simple change. This month try upping your hydration and drinking more water each day. Making one healthy lifestyle change at a time is much more manageable and can easily be integrated into daily life without much thought.

Make time for you.

Everyone is busy. We often neglect giving ourselves real time because we feel there is no spare time in our day and when we say real time, we’re not just talking five minutes in the shower. Relaxing, unwinding and unplugging at some point during every day is so important for our wellbeing, both physical and mental. Make a commitment to yourself today that you’ll build in time, daily, so you can really relax and switch off.

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