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Our Story

Hi! It's Sally, Kair's founder, here.

Our favourite clothes are more than the things we throw on every morning. Our treasured pieces have stories attached to them, and memories that were made in them. They can elevate our mood, and make us feel the very best version of ourselves. We want them to live on and on.

I've spent my career working in fashion, and as the industry tackles its sustainability crisis, I was frustrated that no one was talking about the most impactful thing we could do to help: Buy Less, Wear More. It's really that simple. But it's hard, when the fear of damage and fading often means our favourite clothes are left to linger at the bottom of the laundry basket. And that fear is hardly surprising when the laundry aisles are full of identical, chemical-stuffed detergents that blitz the life out of garments (and don't get me started on the scents - seriously, what is Fuchsia Passion?!). Our wardrobes deserve better.

So, we’ve reimagined laundry the way it should be. Kair has been formulated to expertly clean the clothes you love, so you can wear them as much as you want, and for as many years as you want to. We’ve elevated the experience with our bespoke, premium scents that stay - so you’ll feel great and smell great too.

We’re here to teach, inspire and share the advice we all need to help keep those clothes we love looking as good as new, for as long as possible. Come and join our community sharing tips, inspiration and advice at @kair.care, and share your laundry triumphs with us - we can’t wait to be inspired.

Here to help you - Long Love Your Wardrobe 🧺 ✨

Sally Hughes
Founder, Kair

Kair Signature Clothing Wash - Wild Juniper & Bergamot bottle repurposed as a vase containing an orange flower


When we say Kair, we mean it - in everything we do.

We're supporting responsible consumption by helping you extend clothing life, so that you can buy less and wear more. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our products are as kind to the planet as they are to your clothes. That’s why all our formulas are biodegradable and contain absolutely no questionable ingredients: no bleaching agents, no optical brighteners, no phthalates, nada. Every formula is housed in our refillable, infinitely recyclable glass bottles too.

We know we can’t change the world alone, but we’re committed to liberating you from the traditional spin and to changing our laundry rituals for good.

And we’re only just getting started.


Our Values

We Kair

Kair's more than a name - it's who we are. We're motivated to inspire change for the better; we're thoughtful and considered; relatable and fun-loving; but, integrity above all, we’re passionate about doing what’s right.

We Include

We want to go far, so we go together. We know we're stronger the greater the breadth of perspective we have. We're obsessed with our community and actively involve them every step of the way - it's Kair for all.

We Shake It Up

We're bold, brave, game changers. We're inquisitive and curious; we love to challenge the status quo and find opportunities to improve. We never wait to be asked: we take the initiative.