Our favourite sustainable brands

Our favourite sustainable brands

While sustainable brands and ethical clothing aren’t new concepts in fashion, they’ve significantly risen in popularity over the last few years. Many of us have turned towards a much more responsible approach to our consumption of fashion but, that doesn’t mean we can’t still do some good when we buy new too. There are many sustainable brands taking steps to minimise the industry's carbon footprint and implement ethical practices too.

Sustainable fashion can be an overwhelming: many brands claim to be operating more responsibly, but may not always be all that they seem.  So, to help you cut through the noise, we’ve rounded up our favourite sustainable brands that produce high-quality, eco-friendly and ethically made pieces - without scrimping on style.


This brand ticks a lot of our boxes when it comes to sustainability. Based in London, Ninety Percent offer relaxed daywear from cosy staples to elevated basics in gorgeous, comfortable fabrics. They design and make eco-friendly clothing from responsible materials and make sure their garments are produced in quality facilities. The brand cares about people too - sharing 90% of the profits between a number of charitable causes and 10% with those who make the clothes and those who run the brand.


We love the vintage-inspired colour palette. From burnt oranges to pistachio greens, it’s impossible to miss this brand's vibrant prints. Specialising in knitwear, outerwear and bags, East London based House of Sunny only produce small runs of each collection (just two seasonal ones a year) which allows their in-house design team to spend more time researching and sourcing sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. They have a dedicated focus on sustainability and do not use fur, leather, skins or silk in their clothes. Any material leftovers are reused to create accessorises, care labels and swing tags to reduce wastage.


Image by August Lemonade 


Founded by a former Reformation designer (another sustainable brand we love), Boyish Jeans is a collection of sustainable women's denim with vintage-inspired styles and classic colourways with a commitment to leave as little impact on the both the earth as possible. The brand sources eco-friendly fabrics to reduce waste and also uses natural plant-based dyes, to ensure a non-toxic process. Every piece is designed locally in Los Angeles via environmentally friendly and cruelty-free processes.


A brand we’re sure you’ve seen on social media, Hunza G is our go-to for sustainable swimwear. Their production process takes place entirely in the UK. The famous crinkle fabric is knitted in a local mill in the Midlands, then processed and dried before being sent to their Central London studio where each garment is cut and made, limiting any possible unnecessary fabric consumption. Any excess fabric is reused and turned into scrunchies and headbands further reducing any wastage and providing a long-lasting, matching accessory alternative.


A favourite amongst the Kair team, Veja have cemented themselves as the must-have trainer brand. They produce environmentally friendly trainers using the most ecological materials and ethical suppliers possible. Organic and fair-trade cotton is used to make the canvas, wild Amazonian rubber harvested without the use of deforestation makes the soles and recycled plastic bottles create the mesh. Available in a variety of styles and colours that are comfy from the minute you lace them up.


One for the men. London based brand L'Estrange started in 2013 with the aim of helping men to remove complexity from their everyday wardrobes and allow them to do more with less. Their mission is to simplify the male wardrobe with comfortable and effortless clothing. The founders created a modular clothing system that comprises comfortable, timeless, versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple scenarios. Using only renewable and recycled materials, they design clothes to last. L'Estrange also offer free repairs to extend the life of clothes- what's not to love?!

Cover Image by Ninety Percent

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