Mesh Laundry Bag Bundle

The Perfect Power Couple

Our ultimate snag-saving duo, to give your most-loved pieces extra protection inside the drum. Useful when washing delicates, lingerie, hosiery, activewear, swimwear and denim in a washing machine, as well as for keeping small easily-lost items together in the wash.  

Each Mesh Laundry Bag Bundle contains:

- 1 small mesh laundry bag (210x280mm)

- 1 large mesh laundry bag (400x550mm)

Suitable For

- Delicate fabrics (such as wool, silk, cashmere, satin and velvet)

- Lingerie and hosiery (including lacy, sheer pieces)

- Machine-washable pieces with embellishment (like beads and sequins)

- Activewear and swimwear (especially those with zips and hardware)

- Denim pieces

- Small items (for example, stray socks) 

How to Use

Pop your selected pieces into a size-suitable mesh laundry bag, then zip it up, and add it to the drum. Tuck the zip under the elastic zip cover to protect the zip in the spin.