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How to fragrance your home naturally

A fragrant, fresh-smelling house not only feels cleaner. It can affect mood, stress and working capacity, while also being, in many ways, an extension of home decor and your own personal identity. Plus, there are loads of ways to fragrance your home naturally, without the harsh chemicals. Read on for our favourite home scent-boosting hacks, so you can transform each of your living spaces into a calming yet uplifting haven.

1) Air dry your laundry 

There’s nothing like the scent of air-dried laundry. People have written poems about it. Candles and air fresheners try to imitate it. And it’s oh-so-easy to produce naturally. Simply hang your laundry to dry on a clothes rack to infuse your rooms with fresh, aromatic fragrance. In the summer months, line-dry them outside first - line-drying laundry in the sun produces aldehydes and ketones, which our noses associate with plants or perfumes. 

2) Spritz with finishing spray 

A hand holding Kair's Signature Finishing Spray in front of 2 cushions and a blanketKair’s Signature Finishing Sprays aren’t just for clothes. They’re non-toxic and suitable for all soft furnishings and other home fabrics - from curtains and upholstery, to rugs and carpets. We recommend spritzing your guests’ pillowcases in particular, to treat them to a luxury hotel-worthy stay. You can also use our finishing sprays as a luxury air freshener or diffuser: simply spritz directly into the air to banish unsavoury odours, or unscrew the cap and pop some diffuser reeds into the bottle to effortlessly refresh your living spaces throughout the day (check out these black reeds from Oliver Bonas).

3) Experiment with essential oils

Replace harsh chemical air fresheners with essential oils: add three or four drops to a cup of water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spritz. For a more luxe sensory experience, and to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your home, try a therapeutic essential oil diffuser. It uses ultrasonic pulses to blend essential oils with water before radiating the steam out into the room, filling the air with gently scented purified air. This can help you feel energised, focused or relaxed, depending on the oil. Many come with additional features like LED lights, so you can match the look to your interiors too. We love NEOM Organics’ new luxe Wellbeing Pod, which scents even large, open-plan spaces.

4) Brew a simmer pot

For a subtle yet pleasant fragrance, why not try a simmer pot? It combines natural ingredients with boiling water to lightly perfume your home - perfect before guests arrive! In the winter months, boil orange slices in a few tablespoons of cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, then lower the heat to a gentle simmer. Spices like ginger and cloves also work well. For a more minty, foresty scent, combine juniper berries and pine branches with one lemon peel, or create an earthy, herby aroma with a few bay leaves and rosemary sprigs. Be sure to keep an eye on the water level, topping it up whenever it gets too low. 

5) Deodorise carpets 

A hand holding Kair's Signature Finishing Spray over a cream rugUnwanted odours in your home often end up trapped within carpet fibres, so refresh them regularly with finishing spray. For a deeper clean, sprinkle them with bicarbonate of soda mixed with a few drops of essential oil. Bicarbonate of soda is the ideal natural deodoriser: it absorbs and neutralises unwelcome whiffs, while also lifting dirt and debris. Leave to sit for 30 minutes, then spray with warm water and vacuum dry using the brush attachment. 

6) Create air freshener jars 

Bicarbonate of soda can refresh entire living spaces, not just your carpets. Simply add 1/2 a cup to a small mason jar, together with several drops of essential oil. Stretch some breathable fabric, like hessian, over the lid to seal it, then place wherever you want your house to smell fresh. For something more elevated, invest in a luxury scented oval (like this hand-poured wax one from Diptyque, featuring the fresh scent of roses and sweet blackcurrant leaves), and hang on your door handles, or in your wardrobe or dresser. 

7) Light candles

A hand holding a lit match over a candle on a glass table next to a diffuser and vaseFor a clean burn, consider lighting only non-toxic, natural candles. Think soy, beeswax or non-GMO corn-based, and paraffin-free with a cotton wick (ideally organic). There are many to choose from. Our top picks include True Grace’s luxurious range of hand-poured renewable vegetable and natural wax candles, which includes sustainable refills. In particular, their natural wild mint and eucalyptus tin candle is a refreshing treat.  

8) Embrace plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are another super easy way to both brighten and freshen a room. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, air-purifying plants like English Ivy or the Snake Plant can detoxify your home from airborne toxins, dusts and germs found in your household products, materials and even furniture. When it comes to heavenly-scented flowers, we recommend scented geranium, arabian jasmine, citrus flowers, or gardenia. 

Just as we dress our living spaces with stylish furniture and fabrics, use these scent ideas to transform your environment into your own sanctuary, both for yourself and your guests. 

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