Signature Finishing Spray

Wild Juniper & Bergamot

A versatile spray to instantly revitalise, refresh and de-wrinkle your favourite pieces both after laundering and between washes. Like a dry shampoo and perfume, but for your clothes.

150ml - approx 750 spritzes.

Product Info

Our Signature Finishing Spray is the ideal scent-boosting finishing touch after every wash and between loads. With powerful plant-based ingredients which lift, and neutralise odours, it instantly refreshes and revitalises your favourite pieces, while also helping remove everyday creases. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or on the go. 

The Wild Juniper & Bergamot scent is fresh, vibrant and uplifting - for your spirits and your wardrobe. Featuring the balsamic, aromatic notes of wild juniper, with the citrusy, light, yet complex nuances of bergamot, it always smells like summer.

Suitable For

- All dry fabrics, furnishings and surfaces (from clothing to bedding, upholstery, rugs and carpets)

- Also safe for use on dry-clean only or non-washable items or areas

How to Use

Hold 6 inches away, and mist lightly onto dry fabrics to lock in our signature scents after washing or refresh between loads.


< 5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance (contains d-limonene), preservation agents (contains phenoxyethanol).

This formula is vegan and cruelty-free.

Kair Signature Scent - Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Wild Juniper & Bergamot

This scent feels like a beautiful, long sunny day. It's bright and fresh - infused with the balsamic, aromatic fragrance of wild juniper and the citrusy, light, yet complex nuances of bergamot.

Created by expert noses using exceptional ingredients, our captivating fragrances are guaranteed to last on your laundry, releasing every time you open your wardrobe.

Wild Juniper & Bergamot is available in Signature Clothing Wash, Signature Fabric Conditioner, Signature Finishing Spray and Activewear Wash. Or, experience the full load with our Signature Bundle.

We Kair about what matters to you

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We're proudly registered with the Vegan Society, so you’ll never find any animal derivatives in the small print. We never test on animals, but we do test on loved pieces from the Kair team’s wardrobes.

No Nasties

We are kind to our planet. Our formulas are biodegradable, and free from phosphates, phthalates & SLS

Crease Releasing

In a rush? We get it. Our finishing spray removes light wrinkles from garments, so you can spritz and go.

Our Signature Bundle

Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Hit start on your Kair journey with our signature clean, soften and revitalise bundle in our fragrant favourite Wild Juniper and Bergamot.

Includes: Signature Clothing Wash 500ml; Signature Fabric Conditioner 500ml; Signature Finishing Spray 150ml.