6 steps to fresher, softer sheets
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6 steps to fresher, softer sheets

Super soft, spotlessly clean sheets bring comfort like nothing else, and also improve sleep: a 2012 study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 73% of us sleep better on fresh sheets. This is particularly the case with temperature-regulating fabrics, such as natural linen and cotton. And with our step-by-step sheet-washing guide, getting fresher, softer sheets is oh-so-easy. You’ll be able to drift off with ease. 

#1: Pre-treat stains and dinginess  

Before washing, pre-treat both old and new stains - such as body oils, lotions, makeup and other untimely spillages - from sheets and pillowcases. Simply dilute a little of our Signature Clothing Wash in cool water and gently work it into the affected area using a clean cloth, then dab away the residue with another clean, wet cloth. Tackle dinginess or yellowness by pre-soaking your sheets overnight in a solution of distilled white vinegar - a natural, inexpensive way to whiten, brighten, reduce odour, and soften sheets without harsh chemicals. To remove specific types of stain, see our 101 stain removal guide.

#2: Give your sheets space 

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Sheets tend to tangle and fold during the wash cycle, which can trap other, smaller items, so it’s important to sort and separate them from your everyday laundry, and give them the space to properly circulate. For the same reason, take care to avoid overloading the machine too - it can damage both the machine itself and your sheets. To limit colour bleeding or degradation, wash like colours together (so whites with whites, bright colours with similar colours etc.). It’s also best to wash only one set of sheets per load. 

#3: Wash carefully

To maintain the quality of your bedding and maximise its lifespan, we recommend avoiding harsh detergents, dryer sheets and bleaching products, as these can weaken the fibres and over time blitz the life out of your fabrics. Instead, choose only gentle, non-abrasive formulations like Kair, which combine plant-based power with long-lasting, luxurious and comforting fragrance. For white linen sheets (check out Piglet in Bed’s White Bedtime Bundle), as well as jersey knits and cotton (we can’t get enough of Bedfolk’s Classic Cotton Bedding Bundle), wash on a normal cycle with one of our Signature Clothing Washes, plus our Signature Fabric Conditioner for cloud-soft cosiness. Avoid temperatures over 60ºC, as well as overly long cycles, as these can cause fabric degradation and fading. For percale and sateen, wash with cool water (< 30ºC). 

#4: Dry naturally 

We always recommend air/line drying where possible, as most damage occurs in the tumble dryer (due to the combination of heat and agitation). Plus, air drying is the most earth-friendly option: a household running a tumble dryer 200 times a year could save nearly half of CO2e by switching to a clothes rack or washing line. Weather permitting, dry your sheets outside for that hard-to-beat natural freshness. If you must tumble dry, stick to low temperatures, and the shortest cycle, and remove items before they're completely dry.

#5: Refresh 

Release lingering creases by lightly steaming with an iron, or by hanging to dry in a bathroom after taking a hot bath or shower. Keep your sheets fresh between washes by airing your bed each morning: open all your windows, throw back the covers, and let the fresh air circulate. To enhance the freshness, we also recommend spritzing with one of our revitalising Signature Finishing Sprays. They’ve been formulated to relax a fabric’s fibres and smooth out wrinkles, whilst adding a scent-boosting finishing touch.

#6: Repeat 

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We recommend changing your bedding once a week for optimum freshness and hygiene, max twice a week. It’s important not to over-wash though, as it can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric, making your sheets feel rough and tough on the skin. 

With this step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly care for your bed linens and enjoy the kind of fresh, soft sheets that dreams are made of. Wash carefully, sleep carefree. 

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