Kair Signature Finishing Spray in Wild Juniper & Bergamot, on a shelf next to a candle and gold ornament
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Our favourite ways to use finishing spray

From picnics to parties, and workouts to weddings, finishing spray is the ultimate plus one you for your summertime wardrobe. Here are our favourite ways to use it…

To give a finishing touch 

With punchy plant-based ingredients and lasting luxury notes, our Signature Finishing Spray is the perfect scent-boosting finishing touch to lock in scent after laundering. They’re also perfectly safe for use on dry-clean only or non-washable items, and will work wonders even on the most delicate fabrics (including items with embellishment like beading). 

To refresh fabrics between washes

By neutralising lingering odours, our Signature Finishing Spray effectively revitalises and refreshes dry fabrics between washes - like a dry shampoo, but for your clothes. This isn’t just time and cost-effective, but also more sustainable than putting on a full load (over-washing can shorten a garment’s lifespan, causing colour fading, shrinkage and misshaping). This is particularly useful when washing natural fibres like wool, which can go wash-free for 7-10 wears, as well as denim, which can last up to a month. With regular spritzes of finishing spray, it’s easy to only wash when absolutely necessary. 

To releases creases and wrinkles

Our Signature Finishing Sprays have been specially formulated to relax a fabric’s fibres and smooth out creases and wrinkles. This makes them an earth-friendly alternative to ironing or steaming, by reducing carbon emissions from heating the iron or water. In fact, - ironing just 5 shirts a week emits 10.4kg of CO2e each year, the equivalent to driving 364 miles in an average car (according to Professor Berners-Lee)

As a handbag-friendly travel companion

Our Signature Finishing Sprays fit perfectly in handbags and travel luggage, which makes them ideal for when you’re travelling or on the go, or when you’re wearing an outfit for an entire day. Whether your workout kit needs a little R&R after a long run in the sun, or your wedding outfit needs a quick refresh to see you from the reception through to the late night dancing, you can always rely on a few spritzes of finishing spray to keep your pieces smelling clean and fresh throughout all your summer activities. 

As perfume for your clothes

Whether you choose uplifting Wild Juniper & Bergamot, or wardrobe-warming Cedarwood, Amber & Iris, the scents in our finishing sprays are inspired by fine fragrance, and will enliven both your wardrobe and your mood. Featuring premium, luxury ingredients, they’re distinguished, comforting and long-lasting. After all, clothes form such an important layer of our scent identity, and deserve something elevated and confidence-boosting. 

As a luxury home fragrance 

Our Signature Finishing Sprays aren’t just for clothes. They’re non-toxic and suitable for all soft furnishings and other home fabrics - from curtains and upholstery, to rugs and carpets. We recommend spritzing your guests’ pillowcases in particular, to treat them to a luxury hotel-worthy stay. You can also use our finishing sprays as a luxury air freshener or diffuser: simply spritz directly into the air to banish unsavoury odours, or unscrew the cap and pop some diffuser reeds into the bottle to effortlessly refresh your living spaces throughout the day (check out these black reeds from Oliver Bonas).

With so many different uses, finishing sprays are laundry’s best-kept secret. No summertime wardrobe or travel checklist would be complete without them. Just remember, hold your spray 6 inches away, and mist lightly onto dry fabrics. Spritz liberally to maximise the scent, and use in combination with other products in the same scent for best results. 

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