Signature Refill Bundle - Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Signature Refill Bundle

Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Keep your Kair journey going with our signature clean, soften and revitalise bundle in fragrant favourite Wild Juniper and Bergamot.

Includes: Signature Clothing Wash Refill 500ml; Signature Fabric Conditioner Refill 500ml.

Kair Signature Scent - Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Wild Juniper & Bergamot

This scent feels like a beautiful, long sunny day. It's bright and fresh - infused with the balsamic, aromatic fragrance of wild juniper and the citrusy, light, yet complex nuances of bergamot.

Created by expert noses using exceptional ingredients, our captivating fragrances are guaranteed to last on your laundry, releasing every time you open your wardrobe.

Wild Juniper & Bergamot is available in Signature Clothing Wash, Signature Fabric Conditioner, Signature Finishing Spray and Activewear Wash. Or, experience the full load with our Signature Bundle.