A complete guide to styling your summer bedding - in partnership with Piglet in Bed
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A complete guide to styling your summer bedding - in partnership with Piglet in Bed

Just as we refresh our spring and summer wardrobes by swapping out wintry knits for lighter, brighter pieces, with the warmer season upon us, our beds deserve no less consideration. That’s why we’ve teamed up with bedding experts, Piglet in Bed, who here share their top tips on how to style your bed for summer this year, including practical ways to keep cool in the heat and how to transform your room into a colourful, summery oasis.

Banish the winter duvet

Don’t spend your summer stifling under a heavy, high tog-count winter duvet. For the most comfortable sleep experience, switch it up for a lighter, lower-tog spring/summer duvet (we suggest 4.5-7 togs). When putting away your winter duvet, air it first for 24 hours (if possible, outside, in the fresh air), to ensure that any remaining moisture evaporates. Store it in a sealed bag (such as this underbed bag from John Lewis), to keep it safe from dust or moths. Before folding away your duvet covers, be sure to wash them in a gentle, non-abrasive formulation like one of Kair’s Signature Washes, so that they’re clean and ready to go next winter. Lock in long-lasting fragrance with a spritz of Kair’s Signature Finishing Spray.

Embrace the layers

Layering your bedding is a great system for the summer months, where nights can range from the sticky, airless variety to the odd unseasonably cold night. For hot, sultry nights, layer a simple flat sheet underneath your duvet (like Piglet in Bed’s Oatmeal Linen Flat Sheet) so you can easily throw off the duvet without waking up. For those cooler nights, keep a cosy blanket or throw at the end of your bed to pull over yourself in the night. We particularly love Piglet in Bed’s Oatmeal Linen Crinkle Throw, made from 100% stonewashed French flax.   

Consider natural materials 

The fabrics and materials you sleep in make a huge difference to how your body regulates its temperature, which impacts your sleep. This is even more crucial in the summer months, when we might struggle to keep cool. Piglet in Bed’s soft, natural 100% linen bedding is the ideal fabric for both your bedding and sleepwear. Its amazing natural properties make it ultra breathable and thermoregulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Synthetic fillings in either your duvets or pillows, by contrast, can make for uncomfortable sleep as they tend to trap in the heat and have very limited breathability. As an alternative to feather and down fillings, consider merino wool-filled bedding, which provides a natural, hypo-allergenic option that’s great for both summer and winter. 

Be playful with colour

Welcome in those summery vibes by mixing up your bed linen colours. Mixing and matching your duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets is a wonderful way to refresh your bedroom aesthetic and make your bed look unique and colourful. We highly recommend Piglet in Bed’s Mix & Match Linen Bedtime Bundle, which lets you get creative, and custom pick your colourways. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge on a whole new bedding set though, simply alternating colourful pillowcases (like Piglet in Bed’s raspberry-coloured ones), can brighten up your room and allow you to experiment with different colour combinations.

Don’t neglect your bedside table

As well as being a super practical place to house your lamp, book and lip balm, bedside tables provide a great opportunity to add little summery touches to your room. Bring the outside in, with small posies of flowers or low-maintenance plants. There are worse ways to start the day than by waking up to the sight of some colourful, sweet-smelling flowers! To improve the quality of your sleep, we particularly recommend the snake plant - a natural air purifier that emits oxygen at night while removing harmful chemicals from the air. 

There you have Piglet in Bed’s top tips on styling your bedding in time for the summer, so you can both keep cool throughout the season and make your bedroom an uplifting, joyful space. 


All imagery by Piglet in Bed

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