Dining table set with a pink floral tablecloth with a yellow and blue trim, white plates, orange napkins, colourful glasses, tapered candles, two bouquets of brightly coloured flowers, a lime-green table runner, and a pink ceramic pot in the centre
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Set the perfect spring table

There’s no time like spring for a lush tablescape around which to gather your friends and family for a festive and celebratory meal. From luxury table linens to gorgeous floral centrepieces, and cute place cards to brightly coloured glassware, we’ve got loads of ideas to inspire you with, so you can showcase the perfect spring table.

Refresh your table linens

No tablescape is complete without a pristine tablecloth and napkins. They’re just as important as the dishes, flatware, and floral arrangement. Wash your table linens on a cold wash (no more than 30ºC), and select a gentle, low-spin cycle. Spread them out flat on a drying rack, avoiding tumble dryers and direct sunlight. Iron them on a high heat (150-200ºC), before steaming and spritzing with finishing spray to release lingering creases and infuse with luxury fragrance. Make sure they’re completely dry before folding them carefully in a cool, dry drawer ahead of the celebrations. Place heavy linen pieces at the very bottom, followed by tablecloths and linen napkins, with the lightest pieces on top, and use acid-free tissue paper between the folds to preserve the colour. 

Choose a central theme

Image source: Martha Stewart

Whether you want to supplement your existing collection, or are searching for a total transformation, it’s important to stick to a central theme, to hold everything together. We suggest keeping your table itself simple in style, mixing existing tableware with new textures. A natural linen tablecloth makes a great base - we adore Host’s ‘Herbarium’ 100% linen hand-embroidered tablecloth, featuring a hemistich border and colourful wild flowers. For effortless pre-styled ‘looks’, check out Maison Margaux, the luxury British homeware brand: we love their spring-inspired Green Leaves, which brings a chic and colourful palate to any tablescape, plus their tableware rental collection for special events.

Invest in artisan crockery 

Elevate your tablescape with high-quality, lovingly made artisan crockery, such as Laetitia Rouget’s eclectic and tongue-in-cheek ceramics. We particularly love the designer's playful dessert plates, featuring slogans which are sure to raise a smile amongst your guests (our personal favourite is ‘who said I can’t cook?’). For an artistic and indulgent tablescape, from platters to bowls, and napkin rings to sculptural forms, check out Deborah Brett’s exquisite handmade ceramic dishes, featuring nature-inspired organic shapes finished with delicate glazes and luxury gold trims. Her porcelain blue bubble bowls are especially gorgeous, and sure to transform your tabletop into a work of art. 

Define your place settings 

Define each place setting with a placemat as a base, and by experimenting with sophisticated napkin fold designs (we recommend the simple ‘napkin knot’: tuck in a fresh herb sprig or flower, then just tie on the diagonal). For a soft, natural place setting, check out John Lewis’ woven Jute fabric placemats, which will echo wooden dining furniture, and bring texture to your tablescape while also protecting your table’s surface. You can also team them with John Lewis’ matching Jute table runner to complete the aesthetic. Elevate everyday crockery with seasonal floral-themed linen napkins, such as Host’s ‘Herbarium’ hand-embroidered napkins (the perfect partner to the matching Herbarium tablecloth). 

Bring in the blooms

According to tablescape designer, Kirthanaa Naidu, when it comes to dressing your table, fresh seasonal flowers are a must. For seasonal floral arrangements, check out London-based The Flower Yard, whose gorgeous collection of spring bouquets, from delicate pastels to lemon-yellow blooms, features both classic and contemporary designs. Consider also making the most of the flowers and foliage in your own garden. When it comes to displaying your blooms, we recommend The Sette’s recycled glass vase trio, which balances modern elegance with ease. But you can also create a seasonal floral centrepiece with what you’ve got at home. Kair’s frosted glass bottles, for example, double as bespoke vases - check out this post to learn more about repurposing yours.

Add scented/artistic accents 

Image source: Earl of East

Bring a warm and welcoming glow to your tablescape with candles, such as Anthropologie’s stunning ceramic sculptural garden ones. For a scented and decorative accent, Anthropologie also offers a series of colourful floral bouquet diffusers, which you can scent with a few drops of your favourite essential oil to elevate your botanical arrangement. To make an artistic, sculptural statement, consider dressing your table with tapers and iconic pillar candles, such as this hand-blown candlestick trio by Sophie Conran, which you can combine with other glass candlesticks at varying heights to create a mesmerising display. We also recommend accessorising with colourful candle shades, such as Fairholme Studio’s hand-dipped, room-elevating rainbow candles, made with a luxury blend of soy and beeswax in founder Tony Jack’s London studio. 

Whether you’re planning a festive meal, or simply want to add a seasonal touch to your dining table, it’s easy to set the perfect spring table and celebrate the season in style. Just remember to treat your tableware like your wardrobe: invest only in high-quality, durable pieces, and care lovingly for the items you already have so they can live on and on.  


Cover image by Kirthanaa Naidu 

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