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Festival Must-Haves

You’ve got your ticket, the headliners are confirmed, your bag is ready. Read on for our selection of festival must-haves, from wardrobe-refreshing solutions to recovery kits, so you and your clothes can survive the sun rays, mud and music in style. For smaller, shorter stays, you’ll only need a few of these items, whereas for longer festivals, like Glastonbury, where you could be camping for quite a few days, you might need more. If you’re going as a group, divide and conquer to minimise what you bring. 

1) Underdays The Everyday Brief 

Having plenty of soft, lightweight underwear is a must when it comes to festival-going, and The Everyday Brief is the perfect solution. Featuring second-skin softness, and breathable micro-modal (a cellulose fabric derived from beech trees), it offers supreme comfort and 10-hour freshness, as well as a sustainable bamboo gusset to wick moisture. 

2) Dock & Bay Quick-Drying Towel

A thin, highly-absorbent microfibre towel is a festival-goer’s BFF, and we love this vibrantly-coloured one from Dock & Bay. Its unique waffle fabric dries 2x faster than regular towels, while its conveniently compact design rolls up like a piece of sushi. Use to dry yourself post-shower, or to dry wet clothing (roll your items inside, gently squeeze, then unroll). It won’t collect damp smells, so say goodbye to soggy, smelly towels.

3) Lululemon Train to Be Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt  

A four-way stretch, sweat-wicking top, with a breathable, seamless construction. It features Silverescent™ technology, powered by X-STATIC®, to reduce odour-causing bacteria. Both lightweight and comfy, it’s easier to care for than thicker or natural fibres while on the move, and will stay fresher for longer without washing. Perfect for any festival.  

4) On Good Authority Recycled Navy Raincoat

Splash through the showers in style with this ethical and seasonless raincoat, featuring a sleek, contemporary black-and-white silhouette, with a soft matte fabric containing recycled nylon, plus an environmentally-friendly, PFC-free, water repellent finish. Wear it every day, come rain or shine, throughout the festival season and beyond.

5) Aesop Travel Departure Kit

Aesop’s luxury 7-piece travel departure kit is sure to elevate the festival experience, as well as any holiday or weekend away. We particularly love the practical rinse-free hand wash, featuring the antibacterial properties of mandarin and rosemary extracts to cleanse, and lavender to assist in soothing and hydrating after long days and even longer nights.

6) Wildflower Countour Sleep Mask

A 100% mulberry silk eye mask to kick out the festival frenzy and protect your eyelashes, while keeping your PM skincare locked into place and preventing wrinkles and creases - even when your bed is a sleeping bag. A festival must-have for much-needed beauty sleep, but also ideal for at-home self-care to improve your sleep quality when you return. 

7) Kair Laundry Bag Bundle 

Our recycled and reusable mesh laundry bags are the ideal travel companion, to separate your clean items from your dirties, and help you stay organised and keep track of what outfits you have left. Keep one for shoes (you don’t want muddy soles rubbing against your clean clothes); one for smalls like socks and lingerie; one for clothes that need to be washed; and one for clothes you’ve worn, but will rewear and wash later. 

8) Kair Signature Finishing Spray

With rather limited time, space and means to do a proper load, your wardrobe will be needing dry shampoo as much as your hair. That’s where finishing spray comes in: it’ll effectively revitalise and refresh your fabrics, while also releasing creases and wrinkles, to keep your festival outfits looking and smelling clean and fresh even after all-night dancing. 

9) Beauty Kitchen Reusable Travel Bottle 50ml

Join the reuse revolution with this refillable aluminium travel bottle. Fill with your favourite hair and beauty products, or even liquid laundry detergent for those emergency hand washes. Every element of the packaging has been designed with reusability in mind. Either reuse the packaging yourself, or return it for free, to be reused in the next batch. 

10) Decathlon Camping Washing Line

Even if you come prepared with a raincoat and wellies, you may need to dry off a few soggy items, so why not pack a portable washing line? This one from Decathlon has been specially designed for when you’re camping or on the move. Thanks to its bead system, no washing pegs are needed. Attach the line anywhere - between two trees, in your tent.

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