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Easy ways to reinvent your space

Whether you’re levelling up your study, or refreshing your bedroom, it’s easy to spruce up any space in your home with a little inspiration. Read on to discover our top tips and tricks for reinventing your spaces without renovation and creating your ideal aesthetic - whether that’s cool and contemporary, comforting and classic, or a mixture of the two. 

1) Create a statement wall

Image source: Lick

No matter the room - from kitchen/living area, to bedroom - a statement wall is an easy way to dramatically transform your space. Experiment with contemporary wallpaper in a quirky print (we love Lick Home’s playful monkey motif in moody blue) or with a fun gallery wall, or try a new paint colour which will complement the rest of your decor.

2) Try a new colour 

Image source: Lick

Rejuvenate your space with a splash of colour (check out Lick Home’s collection of carefully curated, pigment-rich paints, which are sustainable and low VOC). The colour you choose will depend on the function of the room, as well as your personal preferences. To create a tranquil, restful space - as in a bedroom - we suggest soft blues or greens, while greys or blacks might bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to a living or dining area. For busy, active spaces, like kitchens, try an energising yellow or orange. 

3) Add a statement piece

Image source: Lilla Rugs

If you’re looking for quite a major update, consider investing in a statement piece, such as a sofa or table, or an oversized rug or mirror. Liberty’s collection of antique, old and handwoven oriental rugs is particularly special, while a sunburst mirror, such as this one from Maisons Du Monde, can add a chic, radiant touch, and may outshine your wall art!

4) Refresh your accent pieces 

Image source: Oka

For a more low-key, cost-effective refresh, try swapping out some accent pieces - from pillows and blankets, to curtains and lampshades - with new ones in a different colour and/or print, to add interest and depth to your scheme. We very highly recommend Piglet in Bed’s elegant dove grey linen curtains (which will bring intimacy and sophistication to your home spaces, while also letting in more sunlight), as well as this gorgeous handmade marbled lampshade from London-based Pentreath & Hall (a work of art in its own right). 

5) Bring in the green

Image source: Leaf Envy

Plants can help make a space feel fresh and inviting, while also detoxifying and purifying the surrounding air (check out NASA’s Clean Air Study). There’s no need to have a green thumb: simply look for indoor plants which thrive in your home’s environmental conditions, and which are relatively low maintenance. Consider how much sunlight your space gets, how much they’ll need to be watered, and whether they’re safe for pets and children (we love London-based Patch’s collection of non-toxic indoor plants). You could even make a statement of your greenery by creating a living wall and transforming your tired, vertical spaces (check out John Lewis’ Little Botanical indoor plants living wall).

6) Rearrange your furniture/displays 

Image source: Lonny

It sounds so simple, but rearranging your furniture can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Try opening up the space or using it in a different way, for example, by turning an open bookshelf into a multifunctional room divider, or moving a sofa away from the wall to zone the space differently and shake up your seating arrangement. For an easy yet effective refresh, we also suggest rearranging your display pieces and smaller odds-and-ends, and swapping out anything you no longer wish to showcase. Simply regrouping items, like framed photos, vases and candles, in different spots, can make a very dramatic difference, and also keep your spaces up to date and personal. 

With these six simple hacks, you can effortlessly make any room feel like a whole new space, whether you’re trying a new style, colour, decoration or even configuration.

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