How often should I wash my face mask?
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How often should I wash my face mask?

Along with hand sanitiser face masks have become our new necessity. Just like our purses and keys we always check it’s in our bag before we leave the house. Most of us have acquired a number of reusable fabric masks over the last few months – some even to match to our outfits. They’re the sustainable (and sometimes stylish) way to keep safe during the pandemic.

But when was the last time you washed your face mask? And how often do you/should you be cleaning it?

For most of us, we wear it then throw it back in our bags until we next need to use it, when really, we should be cleaning and caring for them much more regularly than we are.

There’s a number of reasons for this. Firstly, every time you wear it can become contaminated with anything in the environment. Plus, you’re constantly touching it with your hands, taking it on and off and putting it down in different places so there’s the risk of germs and bacteria lingering on it. There’s also the risk of maskne. Acne around the mouth, chin and nose caused by wearing a grubby face mask. And nobody wants to be part of that newfound club.

Essentially, you need to wash your face mask daily. Just as you wash your hands after every outing, you should be washing your mask too.

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You can wash your face masks with any of our washes from our Signature Clothes Wash to our Wool, Silk and Delicates Wash. All of our expert formulas will deeply clean and care for your fabric masks. And remember your new BFF the mesh laundry bag? Well, it’s another chance for it to shine. Putting your face masks inside the bag before they head to the drum will keep them safe from snagging or losing shape during the spin. You can also hand-wash your masks too. A little detergent in warm water will do the trick.

When it comes to drying your masks, air drying it best to help them keep their shape. If you can lay them flat, even better. Remember to leave to dry completely before you wear your mask again.

We know that washing after every wear may feel a bit overkill but, it really is important we do so. Keeping on top of our hygiene now will benefit us all in the long run.

For more washing tips, tricks and handy how-to’s swing by our How, What, Why section on The Laundry List.


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