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How to get fresher, softer sheets

Clean, crisp bedding brings comfort like nothing else. Who doesn’t love that feeling of your head hitting a freshly laundered pillow at night? Research has also linked it to giving us a better night’s sleep too. Although changing the sheets can often feel like a workout in itself, the reward for our valiant efforts of spotless, soft sheets is definitely worth it every time.

For optimum freshness and hygiene, it’s recommended that we launder and change our bed linen once a week. But, while regular washing bedding is best for maintaining freshness, over-washing can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric making them feel rough and tough on the skin.

It’s advisable to wash your bedding separately to other laundry. Overloading your washing machine will lessen the effects for the items in the drum, so give your sheets the space they need to circulate for a thorough clean. There's no need to ramp up the spin cycle for your sheets: wash them on a regular setting, and they’ll still be as good as new. Over-washing at higher temperatures and on longer cycles can cause the sheets to wear quicker.

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Our products are Kair for all, so you can use our Signature Clothes Wash and Signature Fabric Conditioners with your bed linen. Using our gentle, plant-based formulas will keep your bedding at the best quality it can be, and our fine fragrances leave lasting, luxurious and comforting scents that slowly release every time you hop into bed, helping you drift off with ease.

When it comes to drying your sheets, you’re either team tumble or team line, and there’s valid arguments for both. Dry them outside on a washing line and you'll have that hard-to-beat freshness of gentle air drying; and truth be told, a line dry is better for longevity and the planet. On the flip side, tumble drying can help to give sheets a softer feel post-wash and helps to minimise wrinkling. If you are tumble drying though, it's best use a low heat, for the shortest time possible.

To keep your sheets fresh between washes, air your bed in the mornings once you’re up and about. Throw back all the sheets, open the window and let the air circulate. You could even spritz our Finishing Spray onto your bedding as a scent-boosting freshen up.

Unfortunately, when it comes to doing the bedding change, we can’t help you but once you’ve been introduced to Kair it’ll become a want-to-do rather than a must-do job. Trust us. Sweet dreams.

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