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5 things every laundry room should have

Having your very own laundry room - whether it’s purely utilitarian, or a standout room - is a wonderful thing. For one thing, it saves you a trip to the launderette. But other than the washing machine and detergent, what else should you put there, and how should it be organised? Read on to discover our laundry room must-haves, to help you utilise the space you have, and make laundry day as convenient and joyful as possible. 

1) A top-of-the-range washing machine 

While you can, in theory, hand wash everything, we strongly recommend investing in a good-quality, eco-friendly washing machine, with a high energy efficiency rating, low water usage and long lifespan. If possible, choose an A-rated model, with a lower kWh figure (all washing machines for sale in the UK and EU must have an energy label displaying energy usage). Miele is a high-end, sustainable option: all Miele washing machines are highly energy efficient, use recycled materials in their production process, and come with a 20-year guarantee (with the average lifespan being under seven years). Haier is another brand worth highlighting: all six of their washing machines are A-rated. 

2) A large-capacity utility sink 

Once the only way to wash clothes, but later usurped by more convenient automatic washer and dryers, laundry sinks and basins - like clotheslines - are making a comeback as consumers opt for greener ways to clean. They’re ideal for pre-soaking or spot-treating items in place of a full, water-intensive spin, and help relieve strain on your washing machine. Plus, you can clean in them a load of other items you wouldn’t want to muddy your other household sinks with (like wellies and paintbrushes). If you’re tight on space, consider a wall-mounted laundry sink, which facilitates extra storage below (for a luxe look, check out Lusso Stone’s Pietra Vernante vanity unit with its fine Arabescato Marble basin). Otherwise, if you want a sink which blends into your laundry room and provides convenient nearby, same-level workspace, try a drop-in or undermount sink, where the countertop runs directly against the sink (such as Blanco’s stainless steel one).

3) Laundry baskets and storage 

There’s no place like a laundry room for keeping your laundry clutter in check. If you have a countertop with extra floor space underneath, consider storing easily accessible rolling laundry bins below (we particularly love this set of stackable laundry baskets with matching baskets by MADE). For general long-term storage, we recommend wicker baskets (check out John Lewis’ Willow Round Laundry Basket from their ANYDAY range), as these will allow the air to circulate properly and so keep your fabrics as fresh as possible. If you have space, John Lewis’ bamboo folding basket rack is another chique option, featuring a top shelf plus two deep polycotton storage baskets (ideal for clothes or other accessories). If you want something more streamlined, consider a laundry hamper disguised as storage furniture, such as this walnut one by Kayrana Lipa, which includes three shelves in its top half. For smaller laundry essentials, like detergents and pegs, we recommend glass jars or caddies, baskets and storage buckets (such as this one from Garden Trading with its sustainable bamboo handle). A hanging storage bag is another good option - we particularly love these patterned ones from SHEIN).

4) Drying and folding area 

For the sake of convenience, we highly recommend including a drying rack or indoor clothesline in your laundry room. If your floor space is limited, a slim tiered airer (such as John Lewis’ three-tiered one) is an effective solution, as is a built-in hanging rack (check out Clothesmaid’s classic pine and cast iron ceiling airer). It’s also handy to include a designated folding area, where you can easily sort through your laundry once it’s dry before putting it away: opt for a solid flat surface, like a simple table or shelf. Consider storing a stash of extra towels and rags nearby - either for removing excess water from your clothes before drying, or mopping up spillages and leaks. Hang these over a free-standing towel rack for an effortless, natural look (we love this one from Dunelm, made from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified ash). If you prefer rolled towels, check out this minimalist floating towel display from Uncommon Goods, crafted from sustainably sourced black American walnut and hand-finished with natural oils and wax.

5) Iron and ironing board 

To give your clothes the perfect just-pressed finish after laundering, consider setting aside space for an iron and ironing board. For a premium experience, we recommend Tefal’s Ultimate Pure FV9845 steam iron, featuring MicroScale filter technology, which prevents limescale formation on clothes, and produces pure steam. You can conceal your ironing board in a tall storage cabinet or wall unit, or if you’re space is limited, consider a chique folding ironing board. We love this innovative one by Joseph Joseph, with its compact design, integrated iron storage compartment, easy-change 100% cotton cover, and separate hanging hook for out-of-the-way, convenient storage).

With these five laundry room must-haves, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your laundry routine. Be sure to organise your space in the way that’s most convenient for you, which will depend on both the configuration of your space and your personal preferences  - see our post on organising your laundry room for tips and inspiration.



Cover image by Garden Trading 

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