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How to wash your performance wear - in partnership with Dai

Thanks to both innovations in technology and the post-pandemic shift to flexible working, now more than ever, we’re seeing a rise in a particular kind of athleisure which combines comfort and practicality with style and elegance. We’re particularly in love with Dai’s luxury sustainable performance wear, with its balance of modern aesthetics, timeless silhouettes and purposeful functionality. But how to look after your performance wear so it lives on and on, year after year and wear after wear? We’ve got you covered with our 101 guide.  

The right formula

It’s important to use a gentle yet effective clothing wash, so always avoid fabric or colour degrading nasties (look out for enzymes, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, and SLS). Instead, choose a formulation which will preserve the integrity and elasticity of performance fabrics made from synthetic, elastic fibres. We recommend our specialist Activewear Wash, which works wonders on materials such as elastane and spandex, as well as garments made from bamboo fibre and TencelTM. Its powerful yet protective plant-based ingredients won’t limit fabric life or affect colour retention.

Keep it cool 

Modern performance fabrics are durable and machine washable, so there’s no need to hand wash them. But we always recommend checking the instructions on the care label first. Sticking to cool temperatures (no higher than 30°C) is best to protect against colour run and preserve the elasticity of fabrics with a high elastane content, and saves 40% more energy than washing at 40°C. Wash inside out with like colours, on a gentle hand wash or delicates cycle, with a low spin, and use a mesh laundry bag to prevent snagging. 

Dry with care  

To reduce the chances of shrinkage, and of your performance wear losing its shape, avoid tumble dryers at all costs, and avoid direct heat sources like sunlight or radiators. Simply lay flat to dry in the energy-saving and fabric-preserving room temperature. Most modern performance wear, such as Dai’s collection, is not only quick-drying, but also naturally wrinkle-resistant, so you can say goodbye to your iron and even to steaming. 

Refresh and go 

Minimise your energy and water consumption by waiting to have a full load and only washing your performance wear when it’s dirty. To refresh between washes, and whenever you’re busy and on the go, consider using a finishing spray to instantly revitalise your high performance fabrics and lift, neutralise, and remove the source of odours. 

Follow these simple tips and tricks so you can enjoy long-lasting performance wear which delivers performance, movement, comfort and elegance for years to come.


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