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6 ways to organise your laundry, utility room or cupboard under the sink

It’s easy to put off organising your laundry. It's also easy to avoid sorting out the room itself, not to mention that pesky cupboard under the sink. But with some simple tricks and storage solutions, you can make laundry day run more smoothly, and enjoy the peace of mind an ultra-tidy zone brings. Read on to turn your chaos into a clutter-free dream.

1. Use mesh laundry bags

Give each member of your household their own mesh bag - like the one that came with your Kair order. Pop everyone’s individual undergarments and socks in their own bag, throw the bags into the machine, and then sort them into piles once the cycle’s complete. 

2. Label your laundry baskets 

If you have space, designate labelled laundry baskets for each clothing type and/or colour. For example, darks, lights, colours and then delicates. This will make doing multiple loads, loads easier :) We recommend wicker baskets when it comes to long-term storage (check out John Lewis’ lovely Willow Round one from their ANYDAY range), as these will allow the air to circulate properly and so keep your fabrics as fresh as possible.

3. Use adjustable open shelves

Maximise wall space above your washing machine or tumble dryer by opting for a customisable open shelving system consisting of adjustable shelves and racks (we recommend IKEA’s simple and affordable wardrobe combination). Use these to stack and air your laundry, as well as store clean towels and bedding.

4. Opt for interior storage

Interior storage is particularly useful when it comes to cupboards under sinks. Hooks and racks work well with bulkier items, but for smaller essentials, consider purchasing expandable or tiered organisers with space-saving slide-out features (such as this one from Lakeland, which comes with a very practical non-skid surface).

5. Store essentials in caddies 

While open shelves are great in utility areas, it’s easy for them to become cluttered if you put everything out on display. Make sure to store items neatly in categories. Organise your smaller odds and ends (like pegs) as well as your laundry essentials (like your favourite Kair washes and finishing sprays) into easily accessible caddies, baskets and storage buckets (we particularly love this one from Garden Trading, which uses sustainable bamboo). They’ll not only look much tidier, but also be easier to move around the house. 

6. Buy as you go

If you’re low on storage space, avoid stockpiling extra supplies. Instead simply keep a close eye on what you have, so you know what to replace when you start to run low. 


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