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Break up with your laundry detergent

It’s time to break up with your old laundry detergent, and choose clothing care which puts both you and your wardrobe first. From the chemicals to the packaging to the scents, here are our top reasons why you should ditch the traditional laundry detergents, and instead welcome into your life an eco- and wardrobe-friendly detergent like Kair.

Bleaching agents

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Laundry products containing bleaching agents and optical brighteners (a common one is chlorine bleach) may promise to keep your whites white and brights bright. But they’re only a short-term fix, and can be detrimental not only to clothes, but also to sensitive skin and the environment (check out our article on why bleaching agents are bad). These chemical-stuffed detergents will blitz the life out of your favourite clothes, damaging the fibres and reacting to protein-induced stains, like sweat, making them appear yellower. Our gentle yet effective plant-based surfactants, by contrast, will safely Kair for your clothes rather than play tricks on the eye, so that they can live on in full colour. 


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Most traditional powdered detergents contain phosphates, in particular sodium triphosphate (a.k.a. STPP), which is used to soften hard water. But phosphates can cause environmental damage by polluting water bodies, leading to algae blooms and low oxygen levels, which in turn destroys marine life and causes the death of fish in particular. 


Known as the ‘everywhere chemical’, with many listed as endocrine disruptors, phthalates are used as plasticisers (to make plastics softer, more flexible and transparent), as well as binding agents (to help fragrances last longer). Recent studies suggest a link between exposure and a wide range of health and developmental problems, including asthma; behavioural and neurodevelopmental issues; breast cancer; obesity and/or type II diabetes; reproductive development and male fertility issues; and irreversible birth defects. 


Sodium lauryl sulphate/sulfate (a.k.a. SLS) is a chemical surfactant found in many traditional cleaning products. It’s great at breaking down fats and grease, but not so great for your skin, stripping it of its natural grease (or sebum), and letting moisture escape. Without sebum, skin becomes dry and more prone to conditions like eczema. That’s why we use only gentle plant-based surfactants, which effectively strip the grime from your clothes without stripping your skin. 

The packaging 

Photo of Kair's Cedarwood, Amber & Iris Wash Refill next to the bottle

We were horrified at the amount of heavy, single-use plastic in the laundry aisle, and instead use beautiful glass bottles that you’ll actually want to reuse and refill. Plus, our refills reduce plastic waste by 76% (we can’t wait to get that to 100%, and eliminate plastic altogether - we’re always looking out for ways to improve). 

The scents

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Your wardrobe can do better than the likes of ‘Fuschia Passion’ and ‘Gold Orchid’. Our luxury, game-changing scents are guaranteed to captivate both your senses and your wardrobe, giving your clothes that first-wear feeling, every wear. Choose from fresh, uplifting Wild Juniper & Bergamot, or warm, comforting Cedarwood, Amber & Iris. It’s about time to treat your favourite clothes to long-lasting, premium fragrance. 

Now you know why you should say goodbye to your old chemical-stuffed laundry detergent, and hello to laundry the way it should be. Put clothing care first, and let go of what’s toxic: if you wouldn’t wash with it, then neither should your clothes!

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