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How to get brighter bedding and towels

There’s nothing quite like climbing into crisp freshly washed sheets, or wrapping yourself in a soft, white towel after an indulgent soak. Plus, no one likes yellowed sheets, or dingy, dishwater-coloured towels. Yet according to this survey, 30% of us wash our sheets a mere once a year or even less (though are slightly cleaner when it comes to towel-care). So, read on to bring back the sparkle to your bedding - and to your towels - to keep everything feeling clean yet comfortingly and cosy wash after wash.  

Prevention before cure  

Take care to reduce the risk of stains in the first place. For example, while breakfast in bed might be tempting, avoid eating and drinking in bed if you can, especially on fine fabrics: it goes without saying that coffee, tea and food stains can be quite the nightmare to remove. Next, makeup. Remove it properly before either towel-drying or hopping into bed, as product residue can leave yellow staining which will instantly dim the life of your fabrics. And finally, if you have pets, make your bed a muddy-paw-free-zone - throwing a big ol’ blanket over your duvet might be the path of least resistance here!

Speedy spot treat 

It’s not always possible to keep your fabrics stain-free. When you do have a mishap, the trick is to treat the stain as soon as possible, so that it doesn’t settle into the fabric fibres and cause long-term damage. We recommend spot-treating the area in preference to a full wash: simply dilute a little of our Signature Clothing Wash in cool water and gently work it into the affected area using a clean cloth, then dab away the residue with another clean, wet cloth. 

Sort it out 

If your goal is crisp, shining sheets and fluffy white-cloud towels, sort before you launder. It might go without saying, but washing darks with lights is a recipe for dingy whites. Yet we recommend not only sorting by colour, but also separating your sheets and towels from both each other and from all your other laundry. Remember also never to overfill the drum when washing: bedding and towels require breathing-space and a full spin.

The best Kair 

We admit we’re biased, but one of the simplest and easiest ways to brighten your bedding and towels is to use a high-quality detergent. Many laundry products contain bleaching agents, such as chlorine bleach. Yet these chemical-stuffed detergents will quite literally blitz the life out of your fabrics, damaging the fibres and reacting to protein-induced stains, like sweat, making those stains actually appear yellower. Our gentle yet effective plant-based surfactants, by contrast, are here to Kair for your precious pieces, rather than play tricks: we want your fabrics to live on in full colour, not fade away and fray at the edges. 

Dry and dazzle 

Don’t leave your sheets and towels to languish in the drum post-wash: remove them as soon as possible, and give them a good shake-out. This will help fluff up the fibres and encourage an even dry. We recommend drying outside, if possible. Direct sunlight is best for whites: the sun is nature’s very own bleaching agent! For darker sheets and towels though, the opposite holds true, so dry in a nice shady spot to minimise fading. Once dry, spritz your pieces with some Signature Finishing Spray, to release wrinkles and infuse with lasting luxury. 

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