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How to refresh your pieces between washes

While we know not washing can sometimes be frowned upon, and certain pieces (activewear - we're talking about you!) should be laundered after every wear, but more often than not you can actually limit laundry basket overload by refreshing your pieces between wears.

As much as we love laundry, not washing our clothes after every wear definitely makes our lives a little bit easier. So, we’ve compiled three of our top tips for extending the life of your clothes before it’s time for a spin.


The hidden gem of the laundry routine, a finishing spray has multiple uses but every one of them a clothing saviour when it comes to refreshing between washes. Firstly, use it when you’ve finished the laundry to lock-in freshness and let the signature scents continue to linger in the wardrobe. Secondly, spritz over worn clothes for an instant hit of uplifting freshness when you need to throw on an outfit and go. And thirdly, this magical spray can help release clothing creases saving you the hassle of digging out the iron.  While it can't yet do your laundry for you, it's the next best thing.

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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘air it out’ when it comes to your clothes and although it sounds simple, it’s actually incredibly effective. Lifting your clothes out of the wardrobe or off the discarded worn pile and hanging them up will help release any musty odours. If you have access to outdoor space, this is ideal but if not, simply hanging pieces in a well-ventilated area of your home will also do the trick. Remember, if you are hanging outside to avoid direct sunlight so you don’t risk colour fading.


Lint, fluff, dust, hair. All of those tiny particles which get caught on our clothes can affect how pristine our pieces appear wear after wear. Although unavoidable, they can be removed quickly and carefully with brushing. Regular brushing will help rid clothes of unwanted fuzz and help to keep them in a smoother, neater condition. Avoid sticky paper lint rollers for delicates, as they can cause damage. Instead, invest in a high quality clothes brush, which will go deeper than the superficial fluff but won’t damage the fibres. Remember to always brush in the same direction and use sweeping movements, never scrub.

Do you have a top tip for refreshing your pieces between washes? Sharing is kairing and we’d love to hear your tricks too.

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