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How To Take Care of Activewear

Technical activewear and performance fabrics of the 2020s have come on a long way from the Aertex gym shirts of our school days.  They'll wick away moisture, and hug our every curve so we can move freely.  Although these special fabrics may withstand a hardcore HIIT session, they deserve the post-workout R&R they need.

And we'll be the first to admit: we haven’t always looked after our activewear in the way we should. When you’re just back from a tough, super sweaty workout, it's easy to throw your workout kit straight into the washing machine with whatever else you can find, and dial up the temperature in an effort to boil out the odours. Yet after a while... the workout stink still lingers, even after the wash. You might even have tried washing with stronger, unforgiving detergents to attempt to free those lingering odours or perhaps tried a fabric softener because ‘that’ll make it smell fresh, right?’. Sadly, wrong. These quick fixes can contribute to rapidly deteriorating our best workout gear, wearing it out long before its time.

But - don’t worry, it’s not too late - Kair is here and we're ready to help! We’ve examined the common activewear faux-pas and here’s the download, so, you can wash with confidence before your next downward dog.


Although it's easy to assume detergents and softeners go hand-in-hand for every wash, there's an important exception for activewear. High performance, high-stretch garments usually have a very high elastane content (sometimes as much as 20%) to allow them to retain shape and form.  Using fabric softener gradually makes this more difficult by softening the elastic fibres - so while it's dreamy for your bedding and most natural fibres, it's worth taking the care to separate your sportswear for its own spin.


High elastane content fabrics are some of the most vulnerable to heat damage: the fibres relax and shrink when washed in high heat.  While their natural stretch might mask this shrink on the first hot wash, to keep your workout kit in great shape too - stick to 40°C and under.

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Yes, it sounds simple but it’s more effective than you might think. Turning your activewear inside out before the wash will not only help them maintain vibrancy and protect the outer coating of any pieces with a slight sheen but, it’ll stop brand logos and exterior detailing fading or peeling off too.


To keep your activewear in shape wash after wash you don’t need to go hard or go home. Washing at a max of 40°C on a gentle or dedicated activewear cycle is all it takes to clean your workout gear thoroughly.


Another way to protect the technical fabrics that your activewear favourites are made from is avoiding tumble dryers. Like all materials that require a bit of special attention, activewear should be air dried. This also prevents the dreaded shrinkage.

No more tough wash workouts

Now you’re pumped full of workout wear knowledge. And, if you're ready to keep your activewear fresh and in top form, be sure to check out our Activewear Wash.


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