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How to wash linen

Summer is here and we’re all set to dig out our favourite linen pieces from our wardrobes once again. Linen is the easiest, breeziest fabric that’s a staple for the heatwave. From long sunny days to late summertime evenings, it’s the perfect lightweight fabric that allows your skin to breathe. From loose trousers to boxy shirts and flowing dresses, it really is summer personified.

As much as we adore this fresh fabric, it can be a tricky customer when it comes to washing. Notorious for creasing, it isn’t always our favourite item in the laundry basket, but with a few quick tips on looking after linen we can all breathe a sigh of relief the next time it’s in the load.

Most linen items can be washed in the machine but do always check the care label, as some linens are blended with fabrics that have special treatments or dyes so may need to be dry cleaned. If you are machine washing, much like cotton, it can have a tendency to shrink if not washed carefully, so always wash in cold or lukewarm water and on a gentle cycle.  Add a dose of fabric conditioner (try Kair's Signature Fabric Conditioner in Wild Juniper & Bergamot) to help prevent creases and keep the linen supple.

Try not to overcrowd the washing machine as this can twist or pull the linen fabric out of shape and remember to load up with pieces similar to your linen in terms of colour and weight. Placing linen items into a mesh laundry bag before washing can help to protect their shape.

Yellow linen shirt and matching shorts hanging on wire hangers next to each other

Our Wool, Silk and Delicates Wash is the perfect partner for your linen. It’s free from bleaching agents, optical brighteners, and enzymes to help the fabric last longer and it’s also formulated with skincare favourite glycerine so, it’ll keep your linen feeling super-comfortable on your skin.

While it is possible to tumble dry linen, after the wash, it’s best to let your linen air dry: it helps maintain shape, colour and fabric integrity. Try to lay your linen flat when drying to help to keep its original shape. Unfortunately, linen is a fabric that’s prone to creasing but our top tip for combatting this is to iron your pieces whilst they’re still a little damp.

It may seem like linen is one of the more high-maintenance materials in the wardrobe but when you know what to do, it’s actually really easy to Kair for.

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