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How to wash silk at home

Hands up who’s got much-loved silk item still lurking in the laundry basket from the last time you wore it? Or who’s changed their mind on wearing a silk outfit to avoid the washing repercussions? We’re pretty sure most of us have the same feeling when it comes to washing our silk pieces, and that is fear. We’d much rather pay the professionals to dry clean our pieces, than risk a drum disaster of our own making. It’s completely understandable but, Kair is here to shake up your laundry rituals and show you that silk can absolutely be washed safely at home.


Firstly, always remember to use a gentle detergent that’s been designed specifically for delicate garments like our Wool, Silk & Delicates Wash. Fill a basin with water that's cool or at most, tepid in temperature to help perserve the colour, then add your detergent. Silk releases dirt quite quickly, so the process doesn’t take long. Place the item in the water and give it a gentle stir and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse in a new bowl of clean, cool water before lifting out to dry. Never, ever wring out your silk items: if there’s any excess water, use a clean towel to absorb.

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Yes, we said it. Silk can be washed in the machine but, there’s just a few golden rules to remember when doing so. Start by checking your machine settings for a cycle that’s suitable for silk and delicates – many newer machines even have a ‘hand wash’ setting. The temperature should always be low, and the cycle should always be short. We also strongly recommend using a mesh laundry bag to help prevent the fabric snagging in the drum. When the spin has finished, remove the items promptly to help reduce wrinkles in the fabric.


The drying process doesn’t take long with silk items but, you need to do it correctly to avoid misshaping. Always let your silks dry naturally, if you can lay them flat in their natural shape it’s best to do so. If you are hanging them, try to use a padded hanger and be sure to hang them properly to prevent stretching. Never hang silk items in direct sunlight, this can accelerate fading and weaken the fibres.


Feeling confident? You should be. If you follow these steps, silk can absolutely be washed safely at home, especially with Kair. As always, remember to follow any garment care label instructions to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.


Cover Image vie Lucy Williams 

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