Reasons we love rental fashion
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Reasons we love rental fashion

There’s no lack of innovation when it comes to fashion, and the rental revolution is one of them - a stylish yet sustainable way to shop for new outfits. As we become aware of the impact clothing production is having on our planet, many of us are trying to shop more consciously by buying less and wearing more, so it's no surprise that rental fashion is on the rise. Plus, borrowing your next outfit, rather than buying new, is quicker, easier and refreshingly convenient, thanks to game-changing clothing rental service Onloan. So, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to rent your wardrobe, and throw away your throw-away attitude.  

It’s sustainable

The fashion industry is widely considered to be the second most polluting industry in the world. Fast fashion is largely to blame, with 92 million tonnes of textile waste produced each year. But if we rewear rather than buy new, we can together make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. As the UN Environment Programme reveals, changing our consumption modes - through actions like proper garment care, recycling and take-back programmes - can make a major impact, while doubling the lifespan of our clothes could halve the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s cost-effective

Renting can both save you money, and make you money: the cost of a rental suit or dress is a fraction of buying a new one. With Onloan’s monthly subscription, for example, for just under £100, you can borrow four items worth a total of £1000, and wear them as much as you like over the course of that month - and beyond, if you wish to hold onto them! And if you want to make money too, peer-to-peer rental platforms even let you rent out your own pieces so that you can earn while you’re not wearing them. That way you can have your cake and eat it - your clothes remain yours, but also get some extra love. 

It’s risk-free

Renting clothes gives you wardrobe freedom to try something new without committing to a big purchase or risking only wearing it once. Unsure if that trend or style suits you? Anxious to try a brand you’ve never purchased from before? No more. Now you can take the plunge and wear whatever you want whenever you want it - whether it's a one-off special occasion, or a desire to shake up the everyday. Plus, 41% of young women in particular feel the pressure to wear something different each time they go out. Renting clothes relieves you of that pressure. You can effortlessly swap any item that doesn’t fit or suit you, but equally, if you fall in love with it, hold onto it and even keep it forever. 

It’s fashionable  

With celebrities from Carrie Johnson to Holly Willoughby now renting their wardrobes and flaunting them on TV and the red carpet, shopping second-hand no longer conjures images of trawling through musty charity shops. It can be high-end and aspirational. More like the fashion library of your dreams. Rental services and platforms make high-end fashion accessible to everyone - we can now all share in some of the glamour. Plus, with curated edits and a wealth of style inspiration, you can say goodbye to endless scrolling through pages and pages of badly curated fashion and develop your own style in style. We particularly love what Onloan offers - there’s a monthly curated edit, plus an optional personal edit. So there’s now no need to choose between a practical everyday outfit and a standout piece - you can have both at the same time. Rental fashion offers buyers a new way to enjoy clothes and fashion, in a way which is both stylish and flexible. 


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