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Rework, Reinvent, Re-wear your wardrobe

The next time you think you’ve got nothing to wear remember the three Rs. Rework, Reinvent. Re-wear. We guarantee there’ll be no more impulse buying.

When it comes to helping your wardrobe live on and on, knowing how to properly Kair for your pieces is only part of the story.

We’ve all been there: opening our wardrobe doors to vast amounts of clothes yet feeling like we have nothing to wear. When we’re bored of staring at the same pieces, the answer all too often is to buy something new. But actually, the answer is already right there, staring back at us: it’s time for a wardrobe reinvention.

Reworking, reinventing and re-wearing our most loved pieces will not only help us to wear more responsibly but, it also gives our these pieces a new lease of life and us the feeling of a brand-new wardrobe without stepping foot outside our front door. It’s time to rediscover your wardrobe.


Many of us are guilty of discarding pieces when they’re damaged or start to look a little worn but just because something doesn’t look as pristine as when we first purchased it doesn’t mean that it can’t again. Invest in the pieces you already have in your wardrobe and give your clothes a second chance with some at-home reworking. From a DIY repair on that small snag in a favourite dress to transforming your denim with a new hem or finding your local tailor for a quick nip and tuck, there’s even restoration companies who can revive your much-loved handbags such as The Restory. If this sounds too time-consuming, apps like Sojo can handle it for you - all you have to do is book in your repair and they will collect, fix and return your item to your door. Rather than re-buying the same items again and again, try these small tweaks to instantly update your wardrobe.


Left image by Sojo App and right image by Whering


We’re all so used to styling our pieces in the same way wear after wear that we’ve forgotten how to think outside the box when it comes to putting an outfit together. Reinventing your wardrobe will give you the feeling of more options without your card having left your purse. Be experimental and have fun with it. Wardrobe digitisation app, Whering, allows you to see every item of clothing you own in one place. Not only does this ensure that no item is forgotten, but it also makes styling your outfits that much easier. Try taking your favourite pieces and pairing them with something you hadn’t considered before. Play with colours, mix and match patterns, learn to layer and leverage your favourite accessories. Remember, it might not always work but the more you try the more you’ll learn and ultimately the more wear you’ll get out of your wardrobe.


When you look at your wardrobe there’s certain special pieces that you’ll remember exactly when you bought them and where you wore them first. The pieces in your wardrobe tell your story and re-wearing them not only conjures fond memories but, it can also make you fall in love with your clothes all over again. The best place to start is with a wardrobe sort out. Clutter doesn’t make any of us feel inspired, so starting over again and reorganising your pieces will help you know your wardrobe inside out (if it’s not already on Whering, of course). You’ll likely find some hidden gems lurking at the back of the wardrobe you’d forgotten about too. Long gone are the days when re-wearing would be frowned upon now, we’re all about making the most of our pieces and giving them a chance to be part of our next chapter. If you need some extra inspiration to re-wear your wardrobe, check out Venetia La Manna’s ‘Old Outfit of the Day’ series on Instagram and be sure to tag your favourite re-worn looks.


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