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What to wear for your re-entry into society

Freedom Day may have been pushed back but, that doesn’t mean you can’t start making plans and better still planning your outfits. No matter the occasion, it’s a chance to dress up to the nines. Apart from loungewear, which has had its day ten times over during the last year, most of the pieces in our wardrobes are ready and waiting to be released into the world. There may even be pieces you’ve purchased but haven’t even had chance to wear yet.

Our top tip - don’t overthink it. The rules have changed, and it’s about embracing a new normal when it comes to fashion too. Confused about where to begin when you’re not reaching for a sweatshirt? We asked some of the Kair team women to tell us the plans they’re making and what they’ll be wearing to help you make a start…

What to Wear| Zeena Shah and Lucia Cuesta in floral dresses

Images (from left to right) via Zeena Shah and Lucia Cuesta


Brunch with friends

What more could you want than a good gossip over brunch and a few drinks with friends? Reservations have been cancelled and re-made but now they’re firmly in the diary. It’s time to plan your outfit. While the great British weather may not always be on our side, keep it simple but stylish with a maxi or midi paired with a vintage denim jacket. It’s the perfect choice come rain or shine. Dress it up with a pair of espadrilles or sandals – or if you’re not quite ready to slip back into heels, a pair of trainers will do the trick too.

 What to Wear | Bettina Looney and Grece Ghanem in bold prints

Images (from left to right) via Bettina Looney and Grece Ghanem 


Back to the office

Deciding on your office outfit used to be as much a part of the evening routine as your skincare. But our home office attire has needed much less thought. In fact, most of us have spent the last year ‘on-screen’ dressing from the waist up. Why not try combining pieces you’ve had sat in your wardrobe waiting for their perfect partner. Oversized shirts with leather trousers, knitted vests layered over floral dresses, a mismatched suit. If you want to clash colours and prints? Go for it. Mix and match your materials too. You might even start a new office trend.


What to Wear | Lucy Williams and Abisola Omlele in midi dresses

Images (from left to right) via Lucy Williams and Abisola Omele


Date night

It’s been a long time since you and your significant other had some alone time. This calls for glamour. Remember that impulse purchase you made in the first lockdown, dreaming of a delicious dinner or dancing the night away. Well, its time has finally come. From statement blazers and slinky silk dresses to co-ord combos and wide-leg trousers. Dress it up for date night. And heels, we say yes. So long as it’s a car to bar date – no long strolls home.

What to Wear | Camille Charriere and Natasha Ndlovu

Images (from left to right) via Camille Charriere and Natasha Ndlovu

The school run

It might not be your first choice of outing but, it’s an outing nonetheless, so why not use it as an opportunity? We’re not suggesting switching up your sweats for an embellished dress, bbut something chic and casual should do the job. And, it’ll make you feel good in the process. This calls for a denim revival. Don’t worry, we’re not digging the skinnies back out of the wardrobe just yet. Thankfully (and coincidentally), it’s all about the Mom and Dad jeans which give us on-trend style without compromising on comfort. Team it with a casual t-shirt and blazer for an effortless look in minutes.

And for the men? Don’t panic, we've not forgotten you.  We’re curating a guide for you too so keep a look out.

Now your wardrobe is back open for business, don’t forget to Kair for your clothes properly too.

For tips and tricks on taking care of your clothes, we’ve got you covered. Visit The Laundry List for our how-to guides.


Cover Image by Tommy Ton for the Evening Standard

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