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A Guide To More Durable Denim

From jeans to jackets, shirts to skirts, without doubt denim is a wardrobe staple. From our first pair of skinnies to the lightweight jacket for long summer nights, we all have our favourite denim items, and they all have a story to tell. Although it’s considered one of the most durable fabrics, how much do you really know about how to care for your denim? We’ve debunked common myths and truths to help you fix up your knowledge.

Wash after every wear – MYTH

Less really is more when it comes to washing your denim pieces. Limiting the number of unnecessary washes you put your denim through will help prolong its life. Some even suggest months between washes! In reality, you should only be washing when it’s starting to feel a bit grubby. Spot cleaning and freshening up with our Finishing Spray will keep you going between spins.

Wash in cool water – TRUTH

To maintain denim’s colour, shape and longevity you should always wash in cold or cool water with minimal, gentle detergent. This helps protect your denim against fading and also shrinking. Also avoid powdered detergent as this can sometimes create unwanted white markings on heavy fabrics. Remember to always check all pockets before bundling your items into the machine we’ve all had tissue issues.

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Never tumble dry denim – TRUTH

Tumble driers are denim’s worst enemy. They can wreak havoc on denim at any stage in its life from shrinking to damaging the fibres in the fabric, making it less durable. Line drying is best for denim, it preserves shape, fit and colour so it stays looking like new for longer. After washing, turn your denim the right way round and re-shape while still damp. Don’t forget to make sure the pockets aren’t bunched up inside either.

Pull up your jeans using the belt hooks – MYTH

We all do it but actually we’re causing damage to our jeans by pulling them on in this way. You should always put on and adjust your jeans by the waistband – this is the stronger part of the garment which is much less likely to tear when tugged.


Whilst we’ve only just scratched the surface on making denim more durable, if you take on these easy tips and tricks, we’re sure your favourite denim will be with you for as long as possible.


Cover Image by Alex Bramall

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