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Kair gifts to give and receive

We’re proud to be Kair for all...and that doesn’t just mean all types of fabric. We believe there’s something for everyone within our product range, no matter the lifestyle. So if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones on your list, then look no further. Here’s our list of Kair gifts to give - and receive this Christmas. 

1) The gym/movement fanatic - Activewear Wash

Photo showing a yoga class in a studio with Kair's Activewear Bottle with a red bow placed in the foreground

Image source: Hotpod Yoga

From runners and cyclists, to gymnasts and yogis, our Activewear Wash is the ideal gift for all those sports enthusiasts and movement lovers on your list. It’s specially formulated with modern performance wear and technical fabrics in mind to deep clean and deodorise activewear, targeting perspiration and odours after even the toughest of workouts. 

2) The self-care lover - Wool, Silk & Delicates Wash

Close-up photo of a woman wearing a dark green jumperwith Kair's Wool, Silk and Delicates Bottle with a red bow placed in the foreground

Image source: Sezanne

This one’s for that friend who lives in cashmere and cosy knitwear, the lover of fireside reading and hot tea. Our Wool, Silk & Delicates Wash leads with the soft, woody fragrance of cedarwood, infused with sweet, slightly powdery amber and earthy iris for a warm, cosy scent grounded with oriental and floral undertones. It’s specially formulated with only the most gentle, caring and protective plant-based ingredients, to protect even the most delicate of fabrics. A gift to treasure by those who treasure their most precious pieces. 

3) The host/hostess with the mostess - Signature Fabric Conditioner: Cedarwood, Amber & Iris

Photo showing set of towels on a bed in a hotel with Kair's Cedarwood Fabric Conditioner Bottle with a red bow placed in the foreground

Image source: Soho Home

For those loved ones who love to entertain, who pile high the closets in their guest rooms with cloud-soft bedding and towels, look no further than our Signature Fabric Conditioner. If they’re all about providing the ultimate guest experience, then there’s nothing else which will leave fabrics quite so luxuriously soft and silky-smooth wash after wash.

4) The party animal - Signature Finishing Spray: Wild Juniper & Bergamot

A hazy image of two women in sparkly sequinned blazers with Kair's Juniper Finishing Spray Bottle with a red bow placed in the foreground

This one’s for the party people on your list - the lovers of music, dancing and nights out. Our Signature Finishing Spray is the perfect plus-one at any festive occasion. A luxurious gift which will let even the wildest of party animals dance the night away without worrying about breaking a sweat. They can pop some in their handbag and spritz on the go. 

5) The luxury lover - Signature Bundle: Cedarwood, Amber & Iris

Photo showing some sofa cushions on the left and part of a Christmas tree on the right hand side with Kair's Signature Cedarwood Bundle image with red bows placed in the foreground

Image source: Soho Home

We all have someone on our list who just wants it all, so why not treat them to one of our luxurious Signature Bundles? They can effortlessly clean, soften and revitalise all in one - and will have you to thank for it. And there’s no time quite like the festive season for going all out. So let them hit start on their Kair journey in the best possible way! 

6) The Winter Sun Dreamer - Signature Clothing Wash: Wild Juniper & Bergamot

Photo showing a view of the sea and sunset sky seen from a boat with Kair's Juniper Wash Bottle with a red bow placed in the foreground

This one’s for that friend who longs for a sunny summer getaway in the middle of winter, whose sights are always set on tropical shores and beaches, on tans and sunshine. The Signature Wild Juniper & Bergamot fragrance evokes a sunny day. It's bright and fresh, infused with the balsamic, aromatic fragrance of wild juniper with the citrusy, light nuances of bergamot. Year-round sunshine: the perfect antidote for even the bleakest of winters. 

So gift tender, loving, Kair this Christmas, and delight even those hard-to-impress friends. No matter their interests, there's something for everyone.

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