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Festive Laundry Saviours

With the festive season upon us, it’s time to plan the ultimate guest experience, from tablescapes and menus, to music and games. And there’s nothing like a clean, tidy home to provide the perfect entertaining space. But sometimes the laundry list can feel endless, which is why we’ve curated our festive laundry saviours. Break them down over several days, or do them all at once - either way, they’re something of a Christmas miracle!

#1: Treat your festive stains

Photo of a dinner table littered with wine glasses, stains and corks

Image source: Marcus Nilsson for The New York Times

What are festive stains? We’re thinking ink, wax, red wine...the kinds of spillages that winter festivities make almost inevitable, whether from writing cards, lighting candles, or drinking mulled wine. We’ve got detailed blog posts on all of the above, so be sure to check them out to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to protect your festive fabrics. It’s important to pre-treat any stains as soon as possible, otherwise they will set and become more difficult to remove. And whatever solvent you use to treat them, be sure to blot, not scrub.

#2: Prepare the perfect tablescape 

A festive table decoration showing 4 dinner settings with foliage, candles and pomegranates laid in the centre of the table

Image source: Chatelaine Magazine

No tablescape is complete without a pristine tablecloth and napkins. They’re just as important as the dishes, flatware, and floral arrangement. Wash your table linens on a cold wash (no more than 30ºC), and select a gentle, low-spin cycle. Spread them out flat on a drying rack, avoiding tumble dryers and direct sunlight. Iron them on a high heat (150-200ºC), before steaming to release lingering creases. Make sure they’re completely dry before folding them carefully in a cool, dry drawer ahead of the celebrations. Place heavy linen pieces at the very bottom, followed by tablecloths and linen napkins, with the lightest pieces on top, and use acid-free tissue paper between the folds to preserve the colour. 

#3: Refresh your home fabrics

A cosy Christmas living room showing a pink lit Christmas tree next to a burgundy sofa with cushions

Image source: Swoon Worthy

Before your guests arrive, be sure to clean and deodorise all your home fabrics, so that your guests can lounge at ease. From rugs to pillows and sofas, vacuum all soft surfaces, then spritz away any unsavoury smells or cooking odours with one of our Signature Finishing Sprays - they're non-toxic and suitable for all surfaces and fabrics. And why not light a festive candle too, to create a warm, glowing ambience? We love Anthropologie’s apple and cinnamon scented Frosted Bottle Brush Tree Candle.

#4: Prepare your guest room

A bed with white striped pillowcases and a tartan lampshade on the bedside with a festive breakfast tray laid on it

Image source: Future PLC

Treat your guests to a luxury, 5-star stay with crisp, fresh-smelling sheets and soft, fluffy towels (check out our primer on how to brighten bedding and towels for the full method). Wash on a long, hot cycle (we recommend about 60ºC), avoiding overfilling the drum. Be sparing with fabric conditioner if you want fluffy towels: it’s important to stick to the recommended dose, as too much can reduce the absorbency. Take them out of the drum immediately after washing and give them a shake to help fluff up the fibres, then air dry before giving them a good spin in the tumble dryer to further agitate the fibres. You can also try adding in dryer balls, such as these organic wool ones made by Tru Earth). Finally, spritz with finishing spray to release wrinkles and infuse with hotel-worthy luxury.  

#5: Create a clutter-free zone 

A dark grey laundry room with 3 rattan laundry baskets with white bobble bunting and green wreaths hanging up

Image source: Dear Lillie Studio

As tempting as it might be to shove stray socks, toys and other knick-knacks in the hall closet, or hide dirty laundry piles behind the utility room door, why not anticipate the post-Christmas cleaning chaos by tidying your spaces before your guests arrive? A great way to organise smaller odds and ends, as well as your laundry essentials, is to store them in easily accessible caddies, baskets and storage buckets. We particularly love this one from Garden Trading, which uses sustainable bamboo. They’ll not only look much tidier, but also be easier to move around the house - very convenient amidst the festive chaos. 

With our festive laundry saviours to the rescue, you can take the stress out of Christmas and host with confidence. So get ready for the perfect Christmas get together!

Cover image source: Southern Living

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