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How to do your laundry more simply and sustainably

Sustainability: it’s a big word. Many of us are trying to make a conscious effort to live more sustainable lives, and are curious about changes we can make to live a more sustainable and simple life so we can help look after our planet. One thing you may not have considered is switching up your laundry rituals - where small changes can collectively make a big difference.

Read on to discover five quick and easy steps for how to do your laundry more sustainably and simply.


When it comes to your laundry, taking it back to basics doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. At Kair, we’re responsibly reimagining laundry the way it should be. We’ve gone the extra mile in the beginning to help your wardrobe (and our planet) live on and on in the long run. We developed our formulas with absolutely no questionable ingredients, and they’re also fully biodegradable so have a minimal impact on the environment after use. Because we believe that clothing care shouldn’t just be kind to your clothes but kind to the planet too.


Washing at cooler temperatures not only makes a big difference to the lifespan of your garments, but it also makes a meaningful difference to your carbon footprint too. It’s estimated that washing at 30°C uses around 40% as much energy as washing at 40°C. Our full range has been formulated to will effectively and efficiently clean your clothes even on cool washes - so there's no need to turn up the temperature dial.

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It’s not always necessary to load up the laundry basket after every wear. Think about your laundry routines and try to limit the number of washes you do. Kair's Finishing Spray is the perfect way to refresh pieces between washes. Spritz over your garments to instantly revitalise and release creases in the fabric for a quick freshen up. It's available in both of our divine signature scents.


Big impact comes in small, jewel-toned bottles. All of our products are refillable, so you’ll never need to purchase heavy-duty plastic bottles or worry about contributing to landfill waste.


We created Kair to help you can wash at home so you can wear your most treasured pieces carefree. Loading up on our tips and advice to wash confidently at home will mean less visits to your local dry cleaner, saving you money and saving the planet and your clothes from the harsh chemical cocktail of the dry cleaner.

Of course, there’s always more we can all do but by starting with small, manageable changes now we can collectively have a big impact.

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