Full Range of Kair Signature Clothing Wash, Fabric Conditioner and Finishing Sprays in Wild Juniper & Bergamot and Cedarwood, Amber & Iris scents

Introducing: Kair

Hello, we’re Kair. Before you take us for a spin, there’s just a few things we’d like you to know. Let’s call it our speed dating intro.

When it comes to laundry, we know it’s not always the most tempting task on the to-do list but, it’s an essential and we can’t deny we love the finished, freshly laundered result. The danger is it’s becoming a reoccurring routine that’s far too same-old, and your clothes are just as fed-up with the same spin as you are.

That’s where we come in. It’s out with the old traditional spin and in with the new Kair. We’re shaking up your laundry because it shouldn’t be just a routine. It’s a care ritual for the future of your wardrobe.

Everyone’s wardrobe is unique. From statement clothing to investment items and the memorable pieces that you’ll treasure forever. You care about every individual garment you own, and your laundry should care for them individually too. Because if you look after them well, they’ll live on and on and on, and we can wear them again and again.

We’re Kair by name and extremely caring by nature. In everything we do.

Our laundry products do more than just clean your clothes. They are kind to them, and they are kind to the planet too. We’ve worked hard to change the game. Our vegan, biodegradable formulas contain absolutely no questionable ingredients. Trust us, not a single one. And packaging? Forget unnecessary single-use plastic: choose our beautiful, refillable and infinitely recyclable jewel-toned glass bottles.

We know that when it comes to scent your clothes deserve an elevated experience. So, we’ve created two bespoke, nature-inspired and memory-conjuring fragrances. Warm, woody ‘Cedarwood, Amber and Iris’ and bright, citrusy ‘Wild Juniper and Bergamot’. Fall for one, or be tempted by two.

We’ve got the essentials ticked - detergents, softeners and a finishing spray. And, because we know laundry, we know it’s not one size fits all so we’re ticking the specialist care box too with products for your delicates and activewear. This is really just the beginning. There’s much more to come.

So, get ready to say goodbye to products that simply do what they say on the (plastic) bottle and hello to tender loving Kair. Designed with care at its heart, it’s time to revive, refresh and revamp your wardrobe so you can buy less and wear more.

Welcome to Kair. Long Love Your Wardrobe. 

🧺 ✨

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