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Introducing: The Signature Scents

We all understand the power of scent. Whether it’s the first perfume you bought, or the smell you associate with a treasured place or a loved one, we all have special memories that are centred around fragrance. Our sense of smell is our most profound sense and it’s proven that scent can elevate our mood. It can uplift you, make you feel happier and more energised and can instantly transport your mind to another time or place.

So, because we know how powerful scent can be, when we created Kair, we knew we had to put our all into improving the fragrance experience currently in your laundry room. We wanted to replace "Fuschia Passion", "Gold Topaz" and "Crystal Rain" (all genuine laundry scents) with captivating and long-lasting luxury scents, that last long after the laundry is done.

We collaborated with expert noses to carefully craft our beautiful, bespoke fragrances. We selected only the finest ingredients, without over-complicating them. They’re simple, refined and just as kind to your skin as they are to your clothes. We’re passionate about your feedback, and so we tested our final shortlist together with our community to select the winning blends, and be sure we developed the truly elevated experience that we know you're looking for. 

Kair Cedarwood, Amber and Iris Scent Image

Cedarwood, Amber and Iris


And the names? Well, we kept that simple too. Our scents are exactly what they say they are: you won’t find any nonsense descriptions here.

Cedarwood, Amber & Iris is our warming and luxurious fragrance. It's a base of soft, woody cedarwood infused with sweet, slightly powdery amber and earthy iris for a warm, comforting scent grounded with oriental and floral undertones. It’s so cosy, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in your most snug jumper.

Wild Juniper & Bergamot evokes feelings of a sunny day. It's bright, fresh, zesty scent infused with the balsamic, aromatic fragrance of wild juniper and the citrusy, light, yet complex nuances of bergamot. It's uplifting from drum to wardrobe to wear.

We couldn’t pick our favourite, but whether you find your signature scent or fall in love with both, our fragrances will keep elevating your laundry experience load after load - leaving you, your clothes and even your home smelling and feeling good.

Keep an eye on the Laundry List for more scent stories coming soon.


Cover Image; Wild Juniper & Bergamot

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