Pile of Kair mesh laundry bags in a wicker basket

Introducing: The Mesh Laundry Bag Bundle

You’ve been raving about the medium laundry bag we include with your first spin. So, now it's time for your stray socks and chunky knits to join the party - our new Mesh Laundry Bag Bundle is here! There's one in each of two sizes: small for your smalls, and big for your basketfuls, made from 100% recycled post consumer water bottles. Each bag is sustainable, waterproof, lightweight and durable, protecting your most-loved pieces from snagging, tearing and tangling, as well as stretching or losing their shape. If you’re wondering how and when to use each bag - both our original medium one, and our new small and large power couple, this is the guide for you. Happy snag-free laundry days!

When to use mesh laundry bags

Place garments in a mesh laundry bag whenever you want to give them extra protection inside the drum, or when you want to keep certain items together. Since Kair’s mesh laundry bags come in three different sizes, you can use them for just about anything that’s washable, no matter the type of garment or fabric. Just remember - that’s not an excuse to just throw anything in the machine. Always check care label instructions, and reserve the very few hand or dry clean only items for their appropriate laundering method.  

The Small One

Our small mesh laundry bag measures 210 x 280 mm. It’s perfect for protecting delicate items - especially lingerie and hosiery, like bras and tights - when machine-washing, as well as for keeping small items like socks together. It’s also ideal if you want to wash small lightweight items like swimsuits, bikinis, silk pillowcases and eye masks on their own .

The Medium One

Our medium mesh laundry bag measures 280 x 420 mm, which makes it a real all-rounder, whether you’re washing a wool or cashmere jumper, a delicate lace top, a strappy beaded dress, or your workout gear (especially those with zips and hardware, which might catch in the drum). We recommend popping machine-washable trainers in our medium bag, too, with their laces detached: it’ll both protect the trainers themselves, and prevent them from damaging your machine by knocking against the sides of the drum. 

The Large One 

Our large mesh laundry bag measures 400 x 550 mm, so it’s great for machine-washing larger delicate items, like silk, satin and even velvet evening dresses. It’s also ideal for bulkier items, including very thick knitwear, as well as denim (including jeans and skirts) and towels, throws, blankets and heavy scarves. We recommend popping your heavier outerwear, such as winter jackets and coats, in our large bag as well, especially pieces with zips and hardware, which might damage the drum if washed on their own.

Other uses of mesh laundry bags

Mesh laundry bags are super versatile. They’re particularly great when you’re travelling: you can use them as packing organisers to keep items together, or as a dirty laundry bag (our large bag works especially well for this). Feel free to also use them to wash children’s toys. After all, you don’t want a bucket of legos to be clanging around in your machine, or your child’s favourite stuffed animal to lose an eye. Throw hard toys into our large bag with a few old towels, and wash stuffed toys like a delicate garment, in either our medium or small bag depending on the size of the toy. Then simply lay them out to dry after washing. 

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: always check care label instructions before throwing items in a washing machine, especially when it comes to embellished delicate items. For an overview of the types of items and fabrics we recommend washing in a mesh laundry bag, as well as how to use mesh laundry bags, check out this post

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