Kair Activewear Wash - Wild Juniper & Bergamot against a white backdrop

Introducing: The Activewear Wash

A wash that’s dedicated to your workout wear, who knew? At Kair, we're obsessed with luxe leggings, and that’s why we’ve designed a detergent that’s specifically for activewear. We know well-made gym clothes aren't cheap, and we want them to last. Because when we’re spending as much on them as we do on evening wear then we really should give them the same tender loving Kair as the rest of our clothes.

Modern performance items are made from technical fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat so you stay dry during workouts. It's great during your session but afterwards, the fabrics can cling on to the odour long after you’ve finished, so you really should be washing them after every workout, with a wash specifically designed to target lingering stink. Step up, Activewear Wash.

Kair Activewear Wash - Wild Juniper & Bergamot situated next to blue running shoes and a laundry basket filled with activewear

Image by Alex Bramall 

The vegan, biodegradable formulation is free from bleaching agents and other nasties that limit fabric life but still packs a punch in the drum. It deep cleans and deodorises all performance fabrics, removing perspiration and odours that may be lurking in your activewear. It instantly reinvigorates with the refreshingly citrusy scent of Wild Juniper and Bergamot ready to go again and again.

Here’s to sports bras that stay opaque and leggings that stay up.

For more on taking care of activewear, head to our guide on The Laundry List. 

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