Kair Signature Fabric Conditioner - Cedarwood, Amber & Iris against a white backdrop

Introducing: The Signature Fabric Conditioner

There really is nothing like that feeling of freshly laundered, soft and supple clothes against your skin, especially when they’ve been expertly conditioned and cared for. Introducing our Signature Fabric Conditioner: carefully crafted to do what’s best for your clothes whilst doing what’s best for the planet too.

We like to keep things simple (and soft) around here so, we’ve ditched any harsh chemicals or toxic nasties to create a powerful, plant-based alternative that gently conditions and protects to keep that feeling of brand-new for longer. You can rest assured our vegan formula is free from animal tallow, found in many supermarket conditioners.

Kair Signature Fabric Conditioner - Cedarwood, Amber & Iris and Wild Juniper & Bergamot positioned among soft towels and a wine glass

Image by Alex Bramall

Choose your fragrance infusion from our signature scents of Cedarwood, Amber and Iris or Wild Juniper and Bergamot for an uplifting burst of lasting freshness every time so you can wear soft, silky-smooth pieces with pride!

Our Signature Fabric Conditioner is laundry’s best kept secret that’s giving clothing softener a brand-new meaning.

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