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Introducing: The Signature Finishing Spray

This might be the Kair product you’ve never previously encountered, but we guarantee it’ll quickly become the one you don’t know how you lived without. Introducing our Signature Finishing Spray. It's laundry’s best kept secret for waking up your wardrobe between washes.

Picture the scene. You’re heading out for the evening, you’ve pre-selected your outfit, matched your accessories, finished your hair and makeup all that’s left is to put on your chosen pieces and you’re ready to go. But then you reach for your clothes and realise they haven’t been laundered and look a little lacklustre. Enter our Signature Finishing Spray.

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Our small but mighty bottles really deliver on versatility. From instantly freshening up your pieces between washes, uplifting clothes with our divine signature scents and releasing unwanted creases in a flash, a quick spritz is all you need to revive and walk out the door in minutes.

You can also spritz after washing, as a fragrance-boosting finishing touch to keep that freshly laundered aroma for longer. Suitable for all of your most treasured pieces, simply mist over clean clothes to lock in your favourite scent after every wash.

It's available in both our Cedarwood, Amber & Iris and Wild Juniper & Bergamot fragrances, or bundle and save with our Signature Clothing Wash and Signature Fabric Conditioner for the ultimate laundry trio.

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