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Mastering The Wool Wash

From knit nightmares to wool woes, when it comes to washing wool it’s not without its challenges. But, with Kair’s quick and easy 101 on mastering the wash you’ll be a pro in no time.


One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your wool pieces is to only wash when necessary. The self-regulating fibres don’t need to be laundered as often as other materials so, if you can, try not to wash after every wear. If there’s a small stain, you can spot treat that one area to avoid a full spin. Dilute a little of our Wool, Delicates and Silk Wash in cool water and gently work into the affected area using a cloth before gently removing excess detergent with a second, clean wet cloth. Continue to dampen the cloth with cool water as needed until the stain disappears.


Washing your wool at home is actually better for your garments. Many dry cleaners use harsh chemical products which can damage your items over time. It sounds simple but, washing with the right product really does work wonders for your wool. Our Wool, Delicates and Silk is specifically designed to care lovingly for the pieces you care about most. The Cedar in our warming Cedarwood, Amber and Iris fragrance also has moth repelling qualities, to protect your knits whilst elevating your routine.


We asked and you told us: your number one laundry fear was sweater shrinkage.  Wool shrinkage is caused by the combination of heat and agitation - so picking the correct settings on your washing machine is essential.  Stick to 40°C max, (or 20-30°C if recommended on the care label), and be sure to select the wool, or hand wash setting on your machine.  Keep the wash temperature low and the spin cycle slow, and you have nothing to fear.

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We’ve said it before but, our mesh laundry bag really is your clothes' BFF, especially when it comes to your woollens. Placing your garments into the bag for machine washing will stop any unwanted snagging in the drum and prevent your most-treasured jumper returning to its original state as a ball of yarn.


Never wring out wool clothing this can cause big problems for your garments, not least instantly losing their shape. Instead, press or squeeze out as much water as you can, then, roll the item in a dry towel to remove excess moisture. Always remember to dry wool flat and in its natural shape. Never hang wet wool and most definitely never put wool in the tumble dryer.


If you are hand washing your wool and you see colour in the water, keep calm and carry on! This is quite normal, it’s simply the yarn dye releasing some colour, it won’t have any effect on the colour of your wool once the wash is finished.

We’d say you’re ready to conquer the wool wash with confidence now. Make sure you stop by our Wool, Silk and Delicates Wash before you load up.  

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