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Meet Your Clothes’ New BFF: The Mesh Laundry Bag

You’ve seen them around, you’ve spotted them at friends’ houses and now, you’ve received one with your Kair order too but, you’re still unsure exactly what they are and why they’re so important for your most-loved pieces. Well, allow us to explain…

Mesh bags aren't just for the laundry obsessives amongst us: they should be a staple for all, to protect your clothes from tearing and snagging as they move around the drum. They also prevent certain fabrics from stretching or losing their shape. They’re particularly useful when washing delicates, wool, silk, hosiery, lingerie and even activewear in a machine.

To be more specific, here’s a list of garments that should always be washed in a mesh laundry bag:


Wool, cashmere, silk, satin and velvet are all materials that require extra care when washing at home, and certainly when washing in the machine.


Sometimes lacy, sometimes sheer and always delicate, hosiery and lingerie should be handled with the utmost care: no-one wants laddered tights or a shapeless bra.

Pink silk lingerie hanging from a shower door

Image via Lacusa Swimwear


Often made from technical fabrics, active and swimwear may appear to be resistant to damage, but they frequently have zips and hardware that can get caught and snag other items in the drum.  Pop them in a bag to prevent them catching in the spin.


Not often viewed as a delicate fabric but, denim pieces won’t fray or tear if washed in a laundry bag and will last a lot longer.


While many heavily embellished garments should avoid the spin altogether (always pay attention to hand-wash instructions for embellished items), for Beads, sequins and intricate embroidery; if it's machine washable, it should go in a laundry bag.


We’ve all done it: unloaded the washing machine or dryer to find a missing sock. Putting small items into a laundry bag will keep them together and remove the risk of finding a rogue sock wrapped in a bedsheet.


It’s easy! Just pop your selected pieces into a mesh laundry bag that’s size suitable, zip it up and add it to the drum.  Kair's mesh bag has an elastic zip cover; tuck the zip under the elastic to keep the zip protected in the spin.

Happy snag-free laundry days 🧺 ✨


Cover Image by Jason Lloyd Evans

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