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Meet your clothes’ new BFF: the mesh laundry bag

You’ve seen them around, you’ve spotted them at friends’ houses, and now you’ve received one with your Kair order. Read on to discover exactly what mesh laundry bags are, how to use them, and why they’re important for both delicates and smaller items. 

What are mesh laundry bags?

Mesh laundry bags are small zippered or drawstring bags made from mesh or netting (to allow water and soap to get in and out). They’re useful when washing delicates, lingerie, hosiery, activewear, swimwear and denim in a washing machine, and you pop them in the wash just like your other items, but they’re more protected from the throws of the spin cycle than normal laundry. Choose sustainable, waterproof, lightweight and durable materials, like Kair’s, which are made from 100% recycled post consumer water bottles.

Are mesh laundry bags necessary?

Just because you can toss your delicates and smaller items in the washing machine with the rest of your garments, doesn’t mean you should - at least, if you want them to last. Mesh laundry bags protect your most-loved pieces from snagging and tearing inside the drum, as well as from stretching or losing their shape. They’re also a great way to keep smaller items together (we’re looking at you, stray socks) as well as when you’re travelling (you can use them as packing organisers or as dirty laundry bags).

How do I use mesh laundry bags?

Pop your selected pieces into a size-suitable mesh laundry bag, then zip it up, and add it to the drum. Tuck the zip under the elastic zip cover to protect the zip in the spin.

When should I use mesh laundry bags?

Place garments in a mesh laundry bag whenever you want to give them extra protection inside the drum, or when you want to keep certain items together. But that’s not all: since mesh laundry bags come in different sizes (check out Kair’s versatile Mesh Laundry Bag Bundle), you can use them for just about anything that’s washable. Lace tops, strappy dresses - there’s no need to limit them to things in your underwear drawer. Even so, we recommend always using a mesh laundry bag with the following items:

~ Delicate fabrics: Wool, cashmere, silk, satin and velvet are all materials which require extra care when washing at home, and certainly when washing in the machine. 

~ Hosiery and lingerie: Sometimes lacy, sometimes sheer, but always delicate, these should be handled with the utmost care: no one wants shapeless bras or laddered tights. 

Pink silk lingerie hanging from a shower door

Image via Lacusa Swimwear

~ Machine-washable pieces with embellishment: While many heavily embellished garments should avoid the spin altogether (always check care label instructions), machine-washable items with beads, sequins and intricate embroidery should go in a bag.

~ Activewear and swimwear: Usually made from technical synthetic fabrics, activewear and swimwear may appear to be resistant to damage, but often have zips and hardware which can snag your other laundry. Use a bag to prevent them from catching in the drum.

~ Denim: Though itself a resilient, hard-wearing fabric, and certainly not delicate, popping denim in a mesh laundry bag will prevent fraying and tearing, making it last longer.

~ Smalls: Put small items in a mesh laundry bag to keep them together and remove the risk of a rogue sock wrapped in a bedsheet (also useful when travelling). 

With a mesh laundry bag you can keep your favourite pieces in one piece and never lose anything to the mysterious machine ever again. But remember - they’re not an excuse to just throw anything in the machine: always pay attention to care label instructions, and reserve the very few hand or dry clean only items for their appropriate laundering method.  


Cover Image by Jason Lloyd Evans

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