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Wash. Spin. Sweat

As the old saying goes, a watched washing machine never finishes its spin. Ok, maybe we paraphrased that one a little but, you catch our drift. Waiting around for your laundry to finish can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle, especially when it gets down to those final few extended minutes. So next time, why not take your mind off the wait and squeeze in one of our workouts instead? Not only will the time pass quicker but you’ll feel uplifted too: that's a win-win in our book.

Quick Wash: 15 minutes

It might not seem worth it, but trust us: any kind of movement is always better than none. With a 15-minute workout, it’s about giving your maximum effort in minimal time. It’s short, sweet and just long enough to make you feel ready to take on the rest of the day. Best for a quick wash? Try an ab workout or a speedy toning routine. Sculpt, strengthen and tone by targeting your core muscles and lengthening your limbs. We promise you’ll feel the difference after.

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Hand-wash cycle: 30-40 minutes

A delicate wash calls for a delicate workout. This is the perfect cycle to take a break and wind down with some yoga. Try some sun salutations or perfect your downward dog with 30 minutes of practice. Just remember not to drift off during your savasana and leave your clothes in the drum.

Kair recommends: Yoga with Adriene or TriYoga Online Classes 

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Normal cycle: 50-60 minutes

The perfect time for a hit of HIIT. It’s easy to see why this has become one of the most popular at-home workouts. Most sessions can be completed wherever you are, and you need no equipment, meaning no excuses. There are different levels, so whether you’re a burpee beginner or a mountain climber master you’ll find a workout that’s suited to you and your abilities. Adding on a warm-up and cool-down either side should mean you time it just right for when your wash cycle is complete.

Kair recommends: Joe Wicks, The Body Coach TV or Psycle at Home 

Long cycle: 90 minutes

From bed linen to towels, it’s a cycle less frequently used but gives you much more time to kill. A long cycle is the perfect time to get outside for a dose of fresh air and nature. Put on your favourite playlist or get lost in a podcast and take a gentle walk around your local park or surrounding area. The regular movement and pace of walking help give your mind a break. It can help you to de-stress and regulate your mood too.

Kair recommends: The Happy Place [AppleSpotify and Google], Woman’s Hour [Apple, Spotify and Google], Desert Island Discs [Apple, Spotify and Google], Grounded with Louis Theroux [Apple and Spotify]. 

And after your workout? Your workout wear will need a wash too. Check out our specially formulated Activewear Wash and read our guide on how to take care of your Activewear.

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