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Winter Warmers - in partnership with Fund Jumpers

When the temperature plummets, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up by the fire with a warm drink, good book, and your favourite jumper. And lately we can’t get enough of Fund Jumpers’ luxury embroidered 100% sustainable Scottish lambswool. If you’re wondering how to wash and care for your lambswool so it stays super soft wear after wear, we’ve got you covered. Check out our step-by-step lambswool care guide and top tips below.   

Step #1: Spot treat small stains 

If there are any small stains, spot-treat that one area to avoid a full spin: simply dilute some of our Wool, Silk & Delicates Wash in cool water and gently work it into the affected area using a clean cloth, then dab away the residue with another clean, wet cloth. Continue to dampen the cloth with cool water as necessary until the stain disappears, then leave to dry.  

Step #2: Use a specialist detergent  

When washing lambswool jumpers, it’s super important to always use a gentle, specialist detergent (such as our Wool, Silk & Delicates Wash), which won’t degrade the natural fibres, or cause discolouration and irritate skin. That means avoiding traditional enzyme-based detergents, as well as fabric and colour degrading optical brighteners or bleaching agents.   

Step #3: Keep it cool, and spin slow 

Unless it’s heavily embellished, lambswool can safely be machine washed (see our post on Mastering The Wool Wash). Simply select the wool or hand wash cycle (no higher than 30°C), short cycle, gentle spin), and always use a mesh laundry bag. If you’re hand washing, fill a basin with cool water, place your jumper in, give it a gentle stir, and let it sit for a few minutes (check out the full method here). Rinse in another bowl of clean, cool water, then lift out to dry. 

Step #4: Remove any excess water 

Take your lambswool out of the drum immediately after washing to reduce wrinkling and creasing, then gently soak up any excess moisture with a towel to speed up the drying process. Never wring out lambswool, which can damage the delicate fibres and alter their shape. Instead, press or squeeze out as much water as you can, then roll it in a dry towel.

Step #5: Reshape and dry flat 

Reshape your jumper while still damp, then leave to dry on a flat surface (never hang wet lambswool). Never, ever tumble dry, and avoid direct heat like sunlight or radiators. 

Step #6: Fold away and store 

Take care when storing lambswool jumpers. If you hang them, the shoulders will likely become misshapen. Instead, carefully fold away your pieces and store them in a dresser or on a wardrobe shelf. If you’re putting them away for the summer, pop them in an airtight container (though be sure to avoid cardboard, which moths love and will happily munch through). 

Washing and caring for lambswool jumpers: top tips 

TIP #1: Always keep it cool and gentle: cold wash, short cycle, gentle spin, gentle detergents.

TIP #2: Always use a mesh laundry bag when machine washing for extra protection.  

TIP #3: Don’t fear colour run when hand washing your jumper: while the yarn dye releases a little colour, it won’t have any noticeable effect on the colour of your garment.

TIP #4: Avoid scrubbing or wringing, which can stretch and alter the shape of your jumper.

TIP #5: So long as the machine is never more than half-full, feel free to wash your lambswool with other garments made of cottons or synthetics - it won’t cause shrinkage, or make the wool any more likely to attract lints and pills. Just remember that the wool cycle is a gentle one - ideal for other lightly soiled garments, but not for heavily soiled ones.   

TIP #6: If you want lambswool jumpers to live on and on, don’t wash them after every wash: check whether they’re actually dirty first. To keep them fresh between washes, spot-treat where necessary and give your garments space to air, and spritz regularly with finishing spray (we recommend our Cedarwood, Amber & Iris scent: it’s a natural moth-repellent).

Now you know how to wash, care for, and avoid shrinking lambswool, so your favourite winter warmers can stay in prime condition wash after wash and season after season.

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